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Have you just bought a new Vauxhall car or van? Are you tempted by a deal offered to you by your local motor dealer? The Vauxhall brand has been one of the most popular choices for UK car buyers for decades, and indeed the manufacturer of brand new models has taken place within these shores at plants such as Luton and Ellesmere Port for many years also.

Buying a Vauxhall model, whether it be a brand new car or a second hand one, will inevitably require a significant outlay of money, or perhaps a commitment to a finance package to fund the purchase. Either way it is only natural that owners look to protect their finances with a Gap Insurance policy for the Vauxhall.

However what choices fo you have, and what may you expect to be the best option for you? In truth it depends where you look.

If you are quoted for a 'Gap Insurance' policy at your Vauxhall dealer then in all likelihood it will be a form of Return to Invoice cover that you are offered. In basic terms this will protect the difference between the vehicle value at point of total loss and the original purchase price you paid for the vehicle. So between your motor insurer and the Gap Insurer