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How do I cancel my Gap Insurance?


The process you will need to follow will depend on where you have purchased your gap insurance policy from. Please remember that there are lots of different gap insurance providers and not just one company. If you have purchased a policy during the purchase process of your vehicle, you will have to contact the dealership/garage in order to obtain the correct contact number. You should have also been issued documentation, within which will outline the cancellation process and give you the correct contact telephone numbers.


It is not uncommon for policy holders who do not have insurance with us to call as they think that Gap Insurance is the same no matter where they have purchased it from. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This can be confusing for policy holders especially if they have contacted the garage who have mistakenly searched for it on the internet, found our number and directed you to us.


At Shortfall, we have tried to make the cancellation procedure as simple and transparent as possible, it really couldn't be easier. 


  • If you have only had your policy for less than 30 days and have not attempted to make a claim, simply contact us we can holt your level of Gap protection and issue a full refund. 
  • If you have had your GAP policy for more than 30 days you can still cancel. We will holt your level of cover and send over a cancellation request direct to the underwriters. They will then issue a pro rata refund for any un-used proportion of your policy less a £35.00 administration fee held by them. 

Please remember if you are replacing your vehicle with another vehicle, cancelling your policy may not be the most cost efficient. This will depend on eligibility... for example ..

  • How long you have left to run  on your old policy?
  • How much the cost of your old vehicle was?
  • How much the new vehicle is costing?
  • How you are funding the new vehicle?
  • What you will be using it for?
  • Where you have purchased your new vehicle from?
  • How old the vehicle is that you are buying?
  • What mileage it has (if any) on the clock?
  • How long you hope to keep your new vehicle for?

If you are eligible it may be easier, more cost efficient and quicker to simply transfer any remaining amount of cover you have on your old gap insurance policy to your new vehicle. Subject to eligibility this is often completely free of charge. 


How do you cancel you Gap Insurance policy? 


Simple, if you have a just call a member of the customer service team on 0800 195 4926 or the local number if you are calling from a mobile 0151 647 7556 and we will talk you through your options.