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Motorbike Gap Insurance at

Motorcycle Gap Insurance | Motorbike Gap Insurance


You can now purchase Gap Insurance for your Motorbike online at Previously, has offered Gap Insurance for numerous different circumstances, however, Gap Insurance for a Motorbike has not been one of them. We now expect to be amongst the most comprehensive suppliers of Gap Insurance for your Motorcycle, available at the very best prices.


A Motorcycle, like any other vehicle, will be subject to depreciation over a number of years. The average vehicle, whether that be a car, a van or a bike, we expect to lose approximately half of the original value, within just 3 years of ownership. Therefore, as your own motor insurance company would only ever pay the value of the vehicle, at the point of total loss, this could leave you financially out of pocket.


Motorbike Gap Insurance at


The different types of Gap Insurance


Below you will see that you have two different types of Gap Insurance available to you, Combined Return to Invoice and Combined Vehicle Replacement. Consider the examples below and click through for a quotation and see how cost effective a form of GAP protection from can be.


Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance

In the event of the bike being declared a total loss, this policy is designed to bridge the gap between your motor insurance settlement figure and the higher of either, the amount outstanding on finance (if applicable) and the original invoice price you have paid for the vehicle.



Vehicle Details: Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade | Purchase Price: £15,700

Motor Insurance Settlement: £8,000 + Gap Insurance Settlement: £7,700

Total Settlement: £15,700


Combined Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance

This policy, rather than looking at just the purchase price of the vehicle, will instead look at the cost to replace the vehicle with another 'like for like'. Therefore, if the cost to purchase another vehicle with the same age, model, make and mileage of the vehicle at the point of purchase, is more expensive at the point of total loss, this policy will take you to the replacement cost instead.


Using the example above, if you have purchased a brand new Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade for £15,700. In a couple of years time, due to inflation, changes in exchange rates amongst other factors, the cost to buy another, brand new version, may now be £16,000 or £17,000. Therefore, in the event of a total loss, this policy will take you back up to the replacement cost rather than just the original purchase price.



Vehicle Details: Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade | Purchase Price: £15,700 | Replacement Vehicle Cost: £16,700

Motor Insurance Settlement: £8,000 + Gap Insurance Settlement: £8,700

Total Settlement: £16,700

Why Choose for Motorbike Gap Insurance?Get a Motorbike Gap Insurance Quotation

Key Features

  • No Excess to Pay
  • £250 Excess Contribution
  • Fully Transferable
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • 30 Day Cooling Off Period
  • 'A' Rated Underwriting Insurer
  • 100% Factory Fitted Options Covered


Please Note: We will not cover the cost of any dealer fitted accessories.


You are likely to find that you have slightly less options when it comes to purchasing Gap Insurance for a Motorbike. This is because most underwriting insurers will see a bike as a greater risk compared to other vehicles. This is because of the increased chances of the vehicle being stolen or if involved in an accident, written off due to damage. However, at, you will have the ability to obtain a quotation and consider some of the markets leading features, at the very best prices available.