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At Shortfall our number one priority has and always will be your policy terms and conditions and what happens when you need to make a claim.


For us this is the most important aspect of any policy. However, that said we totally understand that price is important too.


We understand that no-one has a never ending pot of money. Genuine value for money has to be a consideration for anyone.


You will be pleased to know that we do not operate any discount codes, vouchers or other gimmicks instead we monitor and price check the gap insurance market to ensure that you are always quoted amongst the lowest, if not the lowest price in the UK.


We do not like to price match, instead we prefer to beat them!


In the very unlikely event that you do find a better priced quotation from another company, we guarantee to beat it. Of course this will be on the proviso that the policy has equivalent features.


No drama, no fuss. Quick, simple and easy just as we believe insurance should be!

At Shortfall we are sorry to say that we do not believe in gap insurance discount codes or vouchers.



This may seem like a very old fashioned way of working, however, we think and as part of our ethos that you should be able to get the very best gap insurance and supplementary policy prices no matter if you are a member of a certain forum, club or subscribe to a membership.


Instead we monitor the market to ensure that which ever policy you buy, you are paying some of the UK's lowest if not the lowest prices. 


If a member of our price check department has missed a variation of price and in the unlikely event that you do find a cheaper quotation we will simply beat it no matter if our competitors policy is perhaps not as all encumbering as ours.


We know that this will not please everyone however we felt that it was the most consistent way of promoting policies online and was the only real option in line with our company philosophy of transparency, openness and fairness to all.


Instead we prefer to offer loyalty discounts and reward customers who already have a policy with us. We understand that sometimes the loyalty discounts may not be massive in monetary value and can in fact be marginal but we hope that you will understand that working with the modest profit margins we have, even a tiny reduction of just a few pounds can have a major impact on our retained profitability and sustainability. 


Instead we hope that you will accept our loyalty offers in the spirit that they are meant, as a token of goodwill and appreciation for your continued business.