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How Can Shortfall Insurance Protect Your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome?


This page has been designed to assist you with your understanding of Shortfall Gap Insurance.


We at are often credited by our customers for our simple, easy to read explanatory articles and examples. We are told that they significantly address customers specific queriers and allow them to make well informed decisions about protecting their Auto-Sleeper Motorhome with Shortfall Insurance.


We are aware that the majority of our customers first hear about Gap Insurance while at their local Motorhome dealership, where they were quoted anything between the price range of £399 to £1000.


When speaking with our customers, they tell us that they decline the dealership's salesperson and decide to shop online.


This is when they arrive at and find that they have access to a range of policies for as low as £39.99 inclusive of insurance premium tax. All our policies are genuine, tried and tested and are all subject to the financial compensation scheme.


A number of our policies are currently subject to a range of awards for both cost and quality. To find out more about these awards, please click here.


On this page, you will see that we have used Jasmine and her Auto-Sleeper Devon Motorhome to design three real life scenarios about of three most popular policies: Return to Invoice, Vehicle Replacement and Finance and Contract Hire.


Before you read the examples, it is important to consider the following FACTS:


It is estimated that In the UK alone, 600,000 vehicles are written off each year.

It is estimated that the average vehicle will depreciate by up to 50% in the first three years, including your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome.
Your comprehensive insurer is only ever legally obliged to pay you what your motor Home is worth on the day it was written off.

Your Shortfall Insurance provider will not reimburse  your Motorhome's road tax as this can be claimed back from the DVLA.

Vehicle Replacement Shortfall Insurance For MotorhomesWhat Protection Can Vehicle Replacement Shortfall Insurance Provide To Your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome?


Vehicle Replacement Shortfall Insurance shares many similarities with the basic Return to Invoice policy type.


However, it has one important difference which is why many in the Shortfall Insurance industry view this policy as an upgraded version to Return to Invoice.


This is because Vehicle Replacement Shortfall Insurance will not only return you to the original invoice you paid for your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome, but it will also take into account and if needed, pay you any increase in this invoice price.


A number of factors can cause the invoice price of your Motorhome to increase, the most common being if for example Auto-Sleeper introduce an upgraded version of your Motorhome which consequently increases the invoice price of your now outdated model or if for example, the cost of certain raw materials increase or if the Government increases VAT.


Please note that if your original model cannot be replaced, your Shortfall Insurance provider will pay you the additional sum to allow you to purchase another Auto-Sleeper Motorhome of the same age, mileage and condition as you Motorhome originally was when you first purchased it.


Please see the real life example we have provided below which we hope will aid your understanding:


Jasmine purchases a Auto-Sleeper Devon Motorhome for £60,000


Three years later, Jasmine is involved in a motoring accident that writes her Motorhome off


Jasmine receives £30,000 from her comprehensive insurer, given that this was the market value of her Motorhome at the time it was written off


This means that Jasmine now has a financial Shortfall of £30,000


As you may know, the basic Return to Invoice policy will just pay this outstanding £30,000


However, Jasmine is soon informed by her local Motorhome dealership that the invoice price of her Auto-Sleeper Motorhome has increased by £10,000 to £70,000


This means that Jasmine needs an additional total of £40,000 to purchase another Auto-Sleeper Motorhome


Vehicle Replacement Shortfall Insurance will pay Jasmine this financial Shortfall of £40,000 and place her in a position where she can purchase another Auto-Sleeper Motorhome if she so wishes.

Return to Invoice Shortfall Insurance for MotorhomesReturn To Invoice Shortfall Insurance For Your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome


Return to Invoice is one off the most basic and original form of Shortfall Insurance.


If in the unfortunate situation your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome is written off or stolen, Return to Invoice Shortfall Insurance will pay the difference between your comprehensives insurers settlement payment and the invoice price you originally paid for your Motorhome.


Your comprehensive insurer will only pay you the market value of your Motorhome at the time it was written off or stolen. However, because of depreciation this can be considerably less than what you originally paid.


Return to Invoice Shortfall Insurance will in theory "top up" your comprehensive insurers payment and return you to the invoice price you originally paid.


Please take some time out to read the following real life example:


Jasmine purchases a Auto-Sleeper Devon Motorhome for £60,000


Three years later, Jasmine is involved in a motoring accident which unfortunately writes off her Motorhome


Jasmine receives £30,000 from her comprehensive insurer, given that this was the market value of her Motorhome at the time it was written off


This means that Jasmine is unable to purchase another Auto-Sleeper Motorhome as she only has £30,000.


Of course Jasmine can use her savings to cover the Shortfall, but considering that her Auto-Sleeper Motorhome was written off through no fault of her own, she should not be expected to do this.


Return to Invoice Shortfall Insurance will pay Jasmine this outstanding £30,000 and return her to the original invoice price she paid for her Auto-Sleeper Motorhome.


If Jasmine was paying for her Auto-Sleeper Motorhome through a finance agreement, then she will be expected to pay any remaining outstanding balance she may be liable for. However, if Jasmine paid for her Auto-Sleeper Motorhome by cash, then Jasmine is free to spend the money how she sees fit.

As you can see, Return to Invoice Shortfall Insurance places a ring around the invoice price you originally paid for your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome and as a result, provides you with much needed protection against being faced with a financial Shortfall.

Buy Finance Gap Insurance Auto Sleeper Motor HomeWhat Can Finance And Contract Hire Shortfall Insurance Do For Your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome?

Finance and Contract Hire is designed to protect any driver against the finance agreement she has taken out in order to purchase her Auto-Sleeper Devon Motorhome.


Examples of finance agreements are: Contract Hire and Lease/Finance Hire.


If in the unfortunate case Jasmine's Motorhome is written off, she may still be liable for the remaining payments in her agreement. Contract Hire/Finance Gap will pay any outstanding payments and allow Jasmine to walk away a free lady.


Please see the real life example below we have designed to assist your understanding of how Finance and Contract Hire can protect your Auto-Sleeper Motorhome:


Jasmine takes out a four year finance agreement


It involves set monthly payments of £600


Three years later, Jasmine's Motorhome is written off as a result of a motoring accident


Jasmine has already paid two years of her agreement, which totals £14,400 (24 months X £600)


Even after Jasmine receives a settlement payment from her comprehensive insurer, Jasmine is still liable for the remaining £9,000 worth of payments


Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance will pay the finance company involved this remaining £9,000 and remove all financial liabilities that have occurred under Jasmine's name.

Here at Shortfall we offer Tried and Tested levels of protection for your Auto-Sleeper, with you completely in mind. As we don't compromise on our levels of cover, then why should we expect you to?




From free policy transfers to any eligible vehicle, to covering the cost of your Auto-Sleeper's paint protection, we ask you to compare our policy features and see how Shortfall could help to protect your Auto-Sleeper.

    You can transfer your policy at any point to another eligible vehicle, absolutely free of charge.


    Our claims team is based in the United Kingdom.


    Our Customer Service call centre is completely United Kingdom based.


    Shortfall policies will pay £250 towards the cost of your own motor insurance excess for your Auto-Sleeper.


    We cover the cost of paint protection for your Auto-Sleeper.


    All factory fitted options are covered.


    We don't charge for address, name or registration number changes for your Auto-Sleeper.


    We cover the cost of any non transferable warranties for your Auto-Sleeper.


    We do not limit the purchase price of your Auto-Sleeper to a percentage of any guide price.


    We do not have a market value clause on settlement.


    All Shortfall policies are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


    All of our policies at Shortfall are completed FCA regulated.


   You can defer the start date of your policy for your Auto-Sleeper, completely free of charge.


    You have a 30 day cooling off period with your Shortfall policy, during which you are eligible to cancel and if you have not attempted to make a claim you will be provided with a full refund.


    You can cancel your Auto-Sleeper's policy at any point and receive a refund, this will be pro rata and will be minus a nominal administration fee that is charged by the underwriters.


For real value for money and no compromise on the level of cover you receive for your Auto-Sleeper, it is safe to say, it has to be Shortfall.


Gap Insurance for MotorhomesAuto-Sleeper is an English campervan motorhomes manufacturer, which was founded in 1961.


The history of Auto-Sleepers dates back to the Trevelyan family and their two sons. In 1961, the family traveled to the South of France for an adventurous road trip, which they customised their Morris Commercial J2 van for.


After a successful road trip, the family returned home to build on their success and customised another second hand Motorhome. This success was soon recognised by leading British coach and bus manufacturer, Henly's who made orders for five of their customised Morris vans. Along with business partner, Bob Halling, the Auto-Sleepers company was formed.


The Trevelyan family sold the company to Steven Riley and Bill cook in 1997 whilst still retaining a small share in the company. After limited success for these two business partners, the company was sold again to Ian Capes and Stuart Johnson who maintained the company until 2005 when it was acquired by Italian Motorhome manufacturing company SEA Group.


In spite of the company being Italian owned, the headquarters have always remained in Broadway, Worcestershire.


Auto-Sleeper manufacturers for a range of European automobile companies including: Peugeot, Volkswagen, Mercedes and AS Caravans.


The current Auto-Sleeper model portfolio consists of the following: Windrush, Symbol, Warwick Duo, Kemerton, Stanton, Bourton and Burford.