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Protect your Dodge with Shortfall Gap InsuracneThis page has been designed to assist you with your understanding of Shortfall Insurance, also known as Gap Insurance and allow you to recognise how it can protect you, your Dodge, but most importantly your finances.


As you may know, there are three forms of Gap Insurance for you to choose from, all of which have different capabilities: Return to Invoice, Vehicle Replacement and Contract Hire/Finance Gap.


In these examples, we will use Kayleigh and her Dodge Journey, which she paid £10,000 and see what happens which each level of gap isnurance when her Dodge is written off.

We know that the majority of our customers first hear about Shortfall Insurance/Gap Insurance while at their local Dodge dealership. Here they are quoted any where in between £399 to £1000.


Many customers instead turn to Google.

Google leads them to where customers find that they have access to policies for as low as 85% of the main Dodge dealership price, inclusive of insurance premium tax.


All our policies are genuine, tried and tested and most importantly, protected by the financial compensation scheme. We have worked hard with our insurance underwriters to ensure that all our policies completely transparent.  

We hope that by reading the examples of Kayleigh, it will greatly asset you in making well informed decisions about protecting your Dodge with Shortfall Insurance and chosing the best level of cover for you.

Before you read the examples of Kayleigh, please consider the following:

Estimated 600,000 vehicles written off


An estimated 600,000 vehicles are written off in the Uk alone each year.



How much will your dodge be worth?


The average vehicle can depreciate by up to 50% in the first three years, including your Dodge.



How much will your insurance pay you if your Dodge is written off?


Your comprehensive insurer will never pay you the original invoice price you paid for your Dodge.



Best value Dodge Gap insuracne


Your Shortfall Insurance provider will not reimburse you your Dodge's road tax as this can be claimed back from the DVLA

Complete peace if mind with vehicle Replacement Insurance for your DodgeIs Vehicle Replacement Insurance the best way to protect your Dodge?


Vehicle Replacement Insurance is similar to forms of Return to Invoice Gap Insurance and is in someways loosely based around the same concept.


Vehicle Replacement will pay the difference between your comprehensive insurer’s settlement payment and what you now needs to purchase another Dodge Journey, the same age, mileage and condition as yours originally was on the day you first collected it from your Dodge Dealer. If that model is no longer available then settlement is based on the superseding model.


How much did you pay for your Dodge?Kayleigh purchases her Dodge Journey for £10,000


What would you do if your Dodge was written off?Three years later, Kayleigh is involved in a motoring accident that thankfully leave her and the other driver involved unhurt, but the Dodge is written off.


Did you know the average car can lose up to 50% in just three years?Kayleigh receives £5,000 from her comprehensive insurer, given that this was the market value of her Dodge at the time it was written off.


Do you want to use your savings to buy another Dodge?Without any form of gap insurance this is the only amount that Kayleigh has to buy another Dodge to if Kayliegh was paying for her Dodge using finance to clear any amount still outstanding.


Protect your dodges inflationary increase.To make matters worse Kayleigh is informed by her local Dodge dealership that the invoice price of her Dodge Journey has increased by £5,000 to £15,000 as Dodge have just upgraded the model.


Best Dodge Vehicle Replacement Insurance.This means that for Kayleigh to buy another Dodge she now needs £10,000. Yes she could take out a bank loan and yes she could use her savings but why? Isn't making having to make a claim bad enough? After all something bad will have happened, in Kayleigh's case her Dodge was stolen and just that can be upsetting enough without having to worry about the financial aspect.


Vehicle Replacement Insurance will pay this outstanding Shortfall/Gap and place Kayleigh in the position where she can purchase another Dodge if she so wishes( please remember that your finance has to be cleared).

Uk Based Gap Insurance Claims teamsWhat can return to invoice gap insurance do to help protect your Dodge?


Return to invoice gap insurance pays the difference between your Dodge's valuation on the day it was written off and the original invoice price you paid.


Between your two insurance companies you now have the full invoice price back. if you paid for your Dodge using a form of finance you can use this amount to clear any finance if needs be and the balance of the funds, the deposit you paid and the equity you generated while making your payments is yours to do with as you see fit.



Which Dodge did you buy?Kayleigh purchases her Dodge Journey for £10,000


What would you do if your Dodge was written off?

Three years later, Kayleigh is involved in a motoring accident that thankfully leave her and the other driver involved unhurt, but the Dodge is written off.


How much would your insurance company pay you?

Kayleigh receives £5,000 from her comprehensive insurer, given that this was the market value of her Dodge at the time it was written off


Did you pay cash for your Dodge?Without any form of gap insurance and without using any savings this is the only amount that Kayleigh has to be able to replace her Dodge. Or if Kayleigh was paying for her Dodge on a form of finance this is the only amount that she would have to clear any finance.


Return to Invoice Gap Insurance would pay the difference between Kayleigh's motor insurance company settlement that the invoice price she paid and she would now have the full £10,000 back she originally paid for the Dodge (less any finance outstanding which must be cleared.)

Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance for DodgeWhat is Finance Gap Insurance and why should you protect your Dodge?


Contract Hire or Finance Gap as it is commonly known as is designed to protect Kayleigh from the finance agreement she has taken out in order to purchase her Dodge Journey.


Examples of finance agreements are: Contract Hire and Lease/Hire Purchase. If in the unfortunate case the Dodge is written off, Kayleigh is still liable for any financial amount over and above her finance companies settlement.

What can finance Gap insurance do to help protect you and your Dodge?Kayleigh takes out a four year finance agreement


How much are you paying each month for your Dodge?It involves set monthly payments of £250.


How would you cope if your Dodge was stolen?Two years later, Kayleigh is involved in a motoring accident that writes her Dodge off.


How much would you Dodge be worth in 3 years time?

Kayleigh has already paid two years of the agreement, which totals £6,000 (24 months x £250) however even after her own motor insurance companies settlement she still owes £2328. Without any form of finance Kayleigh is still legally responsible for this amount.


Contract Hire/Finance Gap Insurance would  pay the difference between Kayleigh motor insurance companies settlement and the amount outstanding on finance. Yes Kayleigh still has no car to use and yes she will still have to find a deposit for another but at least now she is not left paying for her Dodge which she no longer has.

We at Shortfall work hard to ensure that when you purchase a policy from us for your Dodge, you are purchasing some of the best, if not the best levels of cover that are available in the United Kingdom today. 




  Shortfall Policies pay £250 towards the cost of your own motor insurance excess. 


 All Shortfall Policies are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


You are able to transfer your policy, at any point, to another eligible vehicle, completely free of charge. 


 All shortfall policies are completely regulated by the FCA.


All Factory Fitted options on your Dodge are covered. 


 Our claims team are completely UK based.


We cover the cost of paint protection for your Dodge.


Our Shortfall customer service call centre is completely based in the United Kingdom. 


There is no charge for changing a name, registration number or an address on your policy. 


We cover the cost of any non transferable warranties.


We do not have a market value clause on settlement.


We do not limit the purchase price of your Dodge to a percentage of any guide price. 


You have a 30 day cooling off period with your policy, during which time you are able to cancel with a full refund, providing that you have not attempted to make a claim. 


You can defer the start date of your policy completely free of charge. 


You are able to cancel your policy at any time, you will receive a pro rata refund less a nominal administration fee that will be issued by the insurer. 


We hope that it has now become clear that our policies are amongst the most comprehensive that are offered in the United Kingdom today.

For an excellent level of performance and for policies that can really stand up to what they say they can do, you should look no further than Shortfall for your Dodge. 

Dodge history with Shortfall InsuracneShortfall Gap Insurance History of Dodge 


The US brand Dodge is now a division of the Chrysler Group and shot to fame with such vehicles as the Dodge Viper amongst other models such as the film famous Dodge Coronet. The company was originally branded as the Dodge Brothers Company and started out in the industry supplying parts and assemblies for the Detroit Auto Industry.


The Dodge brand first began producing and manufacturing vehicles in 1915 and just a small 13 years later the brand had grown so rapidly that the larger organisation in the Chrysler Corporation came in with a bid that was to large to refuse. This bid was not accepted by the dodge brothers themselves but of their widows as the pair both tragically died in one of the most successful years in the firms history.


The Dodge brand may be most famous for the influence it had in the production and the beginning of the muscle car industry in the US. In the late 1960's and the early 1970's the Dodge brand took off with the muscle models such as the Dodge Charger and the Challenger models.


As the fuel economy of vehicles continue to be analysed in the car market today, a fuel crisis back in 1973 caused even more of a stir and contributed to the change in the size of the vehicles produced in the US. Competitors such as General Motors and Ford converted to the smaller vehicles quicker than dodge and many in the industry state that Dodge may have been one of the heavyweights in the automotive industry like Ford and General Motors are today.


Dodge trucks are an important part of the Dodge brand and have been marketed as part of the Ram brand in recent years.

The difference between the standard Dodge brand and the Dodge Ram brand is simple, the Dodge Ram brand is an edgy brand that appeals to the truck driver population rather than the young, cool and hip brand that the standard Dodge has to appeal to the slicker side of the population.