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Each year we see various manufacturers from around the world release some truly great selling vehicles. Manufacturers from the likes of Volkswagen to the German brand Audi are just two of the manufacturers that have received some great all round success over the past year and today they come up in this list again. We are today taking a look into five of the most wanted vehicles to be made available this year. Some of these cars have been launched world wide already and some are waiting for a launch both mid way and towards the end of this year. Vehicles are one of the biggest forms of transport around the world. The origins of the automobile began back in 1807 with the invention of the internal combustion engine which was invented by Francois Isaac de Rivaz. Since then we have seen the car industry become one of the biggest selling sectors around the world. One of the first big named manufacturers to release a car into the world was the American Ford brand who found much success from 1908 to 1927 with the model T. Ford are still in existence today and have many big selling vehicles including the Fiesta,Focus and the Mondeo. Over the course of the time we have seen other big manufacturers join the party from Peugeot,Citroen,Jaguar,Mercedes and Honda amongst many more. So what are the most wanted vehicles to be launched globally this year and what cars are worth keeping your eye on ?.


Five vehicles of 2014 destined for success


So starting of our top five list here making it's way into fifth place, we see the welcome addition of the Golf R from German car firm Volkswagen.


  1. Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf is one of the biggest sellers for the German Volkswagen brand and has been since it was first launched into the world back in 1974. It currently holds a great record for this year as it is the biggest selling vehicle on European markets for the first six months of this year. This is indeed a good sign for the brand as the Golf R is launched. The main difference between the R and the standard edition of the car comes down to the power and performance side of things. We see that only one engine range is made available for this years Golf R which consists of a 2.0 litre,turbo engine which was used in the GTI version of the Golf. The main difference though is that the engine has been tweaked slightly compared to the GTI model so we now see a total power output being developed of 296 brake horse power which is up by 79 bhp compared to that of the previous model.


Some other new features have also been included for the exterior of the car which makes it look a lot more aggressive than ever before. Some of these new features include the likes of a chrome stripe over the front grille,chrome mirror caps and an all new set of bumpers too. Switching the view to the rear end of the Golf R, we see that the brand have also included the fitting of a quad exhaust system and LED lighting clusters. Sports seating and aluminium pedals also come along with the car as standard with the optional 19 inch alloy wheels coming as an extra. The car is kitted out with some brand new gadgets and technology also for the Golf which will certainly help the vehicle keep up to date with the current car market. These include the likes of Xenon headlights,Bluetooth,parking sensors,a DAB digital radio and adaptive cruise control.


?The Golf R is available to drive away from selected VW dealerships today and can be purchased for a starting price of £29,900.Volkswagen Golf R Shortfall

Next in our line up is a vehicle which has yet to be launched but is expected to have the order books open up later this year with it's first set of deliveries expected to arrive in 2015. This vehicle is a new power based variant of a big selling model from the Japanese car and motorbike company Honda who have proven to be one of the key players in the vehicle world for many years now. This version of the car in question focuses on power and performance with a a few added features coming along with the car also.


  1. The Honda Civic Type R

The vehicle in question is of course the brand new Civic Type R. The Civic has proven to be one of the biggest selling cars for the mass manufacturer of all time. We saw the very first Honda Civic introduced to the world back in 1973. At this point in time the Civic was referred to as a Subcompact car and was developed in this manner up until the year 2000. From 2001 to the present day the car is classed as compact vehicle. The car is very much up to date also as it keeps up with the quickly evolving car industry production of a Civic Hybrid was begun in Japan in 2010.


What is it about the new Civic Type R that there is to look forward to though and why should you consider making the purchase on this vehicle when order books open ?. A concept version of this car was officially revealed to the general public back at the Geneva motor show and certainly caught the eye of a lot of car enthusiasts out there. The main focus on the car as stated is the power and performance side of things and by this we expect to see the fitting of a 2.0 litre,turbo charged engine which will develop a power output of around 276bhp and a Torque deliverance of 400NM.If this is the case,we will see the Honda Civic Type R make the sprint from a standstill to 62mph in around six seconds flat. If the finished product is anything like the concept version of the car that was revealed, you can expect to receive the benefits of LED brake lights, a quad exhaust system,20 inch wheels and daytime running lights.


With the order books expected to open around the end of the year, the Civic Type R is expected to go on sale from somewhere around the £30,000 area.

Honda Civic Type R Shortfall






Reaching the top three spots in our list now comes a vehicle from British manufacturer Jaguar who are well known for cars such as the XE and the F Type. Jaguar Land Rover have proven to be one of if not the biggest car companies that the United Kingdom has to offer. Jaguar achieved much success last year with the addition of the F Type Convertible and this year they look to top that with the brand new F Type Coupe.


  1. Jaguar F Type Coupe

The all new F Type Coupe sees the additions of three engine choices available at the time of purchase. These are all powerful engines as expected for a Jaguar car and we see these come in the shape and form of a V6 engine which produces 335 brake horse power overall. the F Type S which delivers on 375bhp and last but not least the F Type V8 R which was the highest spec model to go on offer and produce a big 543 units of brake horse power with a 680NM Torque deliverance also. Of course varying on which version of the car takes your interest you can expect to receive different features. For example, we see that both the F Type S and the high spec R model receives adaptive dampers and an active exhaust system.


The car itself looks very sporty and is available in a base colour of White which helps the vehicle stand out very well. Prices for the Jaguar F Type Coupe begin at the £51,235 area which prices rising for the S version and of course the higher spec R model.

Jaguar F Type Coupe Shortfall



Now we reach the top two most wanted cars of 2014. It was difficult to decide between one or the other for the top spot as we think both cars to be listed will definitely prove to be two of the biggest sellers for their respective brands made available this year. So coming in as the runner up here we see the addition of the brand new TT model for 2014 from German brand Audi.


  1. The Audi TT 2014

When you say the name Audi, many different vehicles come to mind which the company stand out for. The big one for us though is indeed the TT. It has been many years since we seen the launch of the original TT model which went on to be one of the best sellers for Audi all around the world. The very first model was introduced back in 1998 and caught the eye of many. Now here we are sixteen years down the line anticipating the grand launch of the new model which is expected to go on sale towards the end of this year.


The new TT model was shown back in March of this year from the Geneva motor show and certainly received some great feedback. It was stated by the Audi firm that for this new model, weight saving materials and economical engines have all been included during production time to help the car benefit from both efficiency and quickness. Engine wise, varied engines will go on sale at the time of launch but some of the main engines to make the cut include the 181 bhp,2.0 litre diesel that we have also seen fitted in the Volkswagen Golf GTD. Another engine expected to be a big seller is a petrol engine that will come fitted which will deliver on 227 brake horse power. The likes of a new TFT screen which allows the driver to show sat nav directions,tachometer and a speedometer will also make the cut this year. Unfortunately a price tag is yet to be revealed for the new TT model or an exact release date, it is expected however that the brand new TT for 2014 will go on sale though from £28,000.

Audi TT Shortfall






Our top most anticipated vehicle for 2014 is to be revealed this coming October from the Paris motor show with sales expected to start from near the end of this year. Features for the car in question have been revealed in some minor details by the company behind the idea with more to be revealed later on over the course of this year. Reaching our number one spot is a vehicle courtesy of the minds over at Mercedes...


  1. The Mercedes AMG GT

The new Mercedes AMG GT will come to you in the manner of a super car which has been designed to help produce some competition for the likes of the 911 from the Porsche brand. Minor details have been revealed for the car which include some ideas on the look and design aspect. A long sloping bonnet has been confirmed to come along with the car which will help the vehicle out when it comes to agility and a quick all round performance. An all new set of LED tail lights will also be included as seen by images of the car that has been spotted undergoing testing. Interior wise the car looks terrific as it comes in Red and Black. Some nice features will also help contribute the neat look of the interior such as a brand new centre console,an Alcantara flat bottomed steering wheel and switches which control the suspension system,sports exhausts and the gearbox settings.


Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for the car has also been revealed. This of course being the engine included and some of the power that it packs. We see that Mercedes have included the fitting of a 4.0 litre,V8 bi-turbo engine. A grand total of 503 brake horse power will be developed from the powerful engine and it has also been confirmed that the AMG GT will deliver 650NM of Torque. The AMG GT is set to arrive in Mercedes showrooms towards the end of this year with a price tag of around the £120,000 figure.

Mercedes AMG GT Shortfall



How will these vehicles effect the car market for this year ?


Without a doubt the vehicles in this list that have already arrived on our streets have made an impact which have benefited drivers around the world and their respective companies. What about the vehicles yet to arrive though ?. Will they go on to make an impact on a global scale this year ?. We certainly think they will yes. Power and performance takes a huge bow for the majority of these cars but the sheer amount of extras that also come along with the vehicle could certainly prove to keep the cars very much up to date and ahead of the pack.