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Today brings some interesting developments from the French car brand Peugeot, not only is there a possibility that next month at the Paris motor show the brands recently spotted powerful version of the 308 could be revealed officially, it has also recently been confirmed that the mass manufacturer will be set to show their new Exalt concept machine once more from next months Paris motor show. The vehicle has been seen in the flesh only once before now and that was from the Bejing motor show.


The manufacturer have confirmed that it will be unveiled again next month with the European version of the car set to have more information released on it also. Some new changes have been made to the car since we last seen it which include tweaks to the look and design of the concept machine. So what is it that Peugeot will reveal exactly and what can we expect to find take its pride of place on the Peugeot Exalt concept?


The brand new changes and what's expected to come with the Exalt


So firstly regarding those changes that have been made to the exterior of the car since we last saw it in Bejing, Peugeot have stated that a brand new set of decals have been included over the past number of months along side. The rear end of the car was originally shown in Red but that now has been changed also to Grey. The interior of the Exalt will also come with a wood finish. A set of 20 inch alloy wheels have been confirmed to come along with the car along side a set of LED tail lights. Now though we are going to take a look into one of the most impressive parts of this concept vehicle that could very well in our minds prove to be the single biggest selling point of them all.


The power side of this car will be fantastic if the rumours are true. It is being rumoured that the engine to go inside the car will be developed from Peugeot's new Hybrid 4 power train a 1.6 litre,four cylinder,petrol engine which will deliver on 266 brake horse power which will of course be joined along side by an electric motor that will deliver an output of 89 brake horse. Therefore altogether a total of 335bhp will be unleashed from the Exalt. It has been stated that three driving experiences will also be included with the Exalt which will allow the driver to switch between all electric,just petrol or petrol and electric. A flat bottomed leather steering wheel and a digital instrument panel will also find their way into the interior of the car which is designed to look like a cockpit.


Until is anything confirmed regarding performance rates and power it could prove to be quite tricky to put a list of rival vehicles up against the Exalt, if the engine is anything to go by though and the 1.6 litre petrol is included we see this car being one of the very best hybrid vehicles on the market with a potential competition source coming from manufactures such as Porsche and Toyota with the GT.


Will the Peugeot Exalt concept make it onto our streets?


It is uncertain at this point in time as to whether or not the Exalt will be launched in the future. We could hear more on this situation next month including a launch time if it is to go on sale and how much a brand new version of the car would sell for.