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Volkswagen Sales Decrease - Vauxhall Ellesmere Port - BMW i8 Recall


British car maker Vauxhall are today celebrating an amazing achievement in their well recognised Ellesmere Port plant as they have today officially produced their five millionth vehicle from the factory. Their plant on Merseyside is the home of the popular selling Astra model and has been open for over fifty years now. In some very interesting facts for the factory, we have seen that the plant over this time has produced 264,000 Chevette models and 3.7 million of their top seller the Astra.


It has been announced that today the five millionth model will come off of the production line ready for showrooms and it will be an Astra. This is not the end of the brilliants news for the Ellesmere Port plant though as the company have confirmed that from next month, they are taking on three hundred extra staff at the factory thanks to an investment of £140 million from General Motors.


BMW issue a recall on the i8

German auto maker have issued recall on their big selling i8 range. An exact number of how many i8 models are to be affected has not been announced by the firm directly but the company have stated that if your vehicle is affected by this recall then they will be in contact with you soon to make you aware of the situation. It has however been stated that the only vehicles affected are models built between the 16th of May this year and September 16th.


The problem with the car is that some models may be suffering from a faulty fuel tank which could therefore result in a leakage. A bolt which connects the fuel tank and chassis of the car together has been the reported fault which has been welded to the car incorrectly. The firm have issued a word on the matter by saying that any repairs are free of charge.


Car sales for Volkswagen drop

German Reuters have stated that sales in Volkswagen's Passenger vehicles have dropped from November of this year. The statistic has been said to be a four percent drop which affects America and Eastern Europe. Sales in October were also shown to have dropped compared to that of a year ago by 0.4 percent. November was a bigger drop though as November of 2013 seen 529,500 units sold but just 508,400 were reported for this year.


VW have commented on the news report by saying that a lot of customers may have been waiting for the new Passat model which launched the end of November and that the demand for new vehicles tends to begin slowly and gradually increases.