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Which? Report on Gap Insurance | Featured within Which? Report on Gap Insurance Oct 2018 featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance for 5th year running!

Updated 30th October 2018


We are proud to have been featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance for the 5th consecutive year. Consumer expert Which? first carried out the report into Gap Insurance back in 2012. first featured the following year and has been featured each year since. The report was constructed to encourage consumers to consider alternative options when purchasing Gap Insurance.


Gap Insurance is typically introduced by the garage or dealership when purchasing a vehicle. They tend to give you one option of cover, typically Return to Invoice Gap Insurance and usually the option of just 3 years of cover. This is all at the average dealership price of £399. The report highlights a number of benefits of purchasing Gap Insurance independently through suppliers such as ourselves.

More Choice

You have the choice of different policy types, rather than just Return to Invoice Gap Insurance, you will have the option of a Combined Vehicle Replacement or standard Finance Gap Insurance, depending on different purchase circumstances. You will also have the option of different lengths of cover, rather than being stuck with 3 years cover as standard. Instead, you will have the option of choosing between 1 and 5 years cover independently.

More Comprehensive Features

As an independent supplier of Gap Insurance, we expect to provide a higher volume of policies compared to that of dealership or garage. Because of the volume of policies we provide, we can include market leading features as standard. Features such as being able to transfer your policy to another eligible vehicle, at no extra charge and a contribution towards your motor insurance excess, should that be due in the event of a total loss. As highlighted within the Which? Report, we offer a higher contribution of £750 towards your motor insurance excess as standard (excluding Motorbike GAP), rather than just £250.

Better Price

Again, because of the number of policies we provide, we get them at a much better supplier rate. Therefore, rather than paying £399 for a dealership policy, you could be paying as little as £88.00 for the equivalent Return to Invoice GAP for a 3 year policy. The supplier rate has the biggest influence when considering the difference in price, however, there are two other main contributors. There is a difference in taxation rates, because the dealership are involved with the sale of the vehicle of course, they are charged at the standard rate of VAT at 20%. However, independent suppliers of Gap Insurance are only charged at the standard rate of insurance premium tax, typically a lot lower and currently at 12%. The last contributing factor would be any commission incentives offered by the dealership or garage when selling GAP. Gap Insurance Comparison Sample of Which? Report

Why Choose for Gap Insurance?

In the latest version of the Which? Report, updated October 2018, we are the best priced provider for 3 out of 3 Return to Invoice price comparisons. Not only are we the best priced provider within this particular comparison, we are also the only provider contributing as much as £750 towards your motor insurance excess, in the event of a total loss. We are also one of only two providers within the comparison, that will offer cover for vehicles that are over 10 years of age, this is providing the vehicle has less than 80,000 miles at the point of purchasing the policy.


  • 'A' Rated Underwriting Insurer - Policies are underwritten by industry giant Mapfre, with claims handled by Abraxas based in Bristol.
  • UK Based - Mapfre | Abraxas are authorised and regulated by the FCA in the UK and the policies are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK.
  • Free Transfer - Should you change the vehicle early, you have the option to transfer the policy over to your next eligible vehicle at no additional charge.
  • No Administration Fees - If you change your address or add a private registration number, for example, there is no administration fee to update your documentation.
  • 30 Day Cooling Off Period - Providing you haven't attempted to make a claim, you have the ability to cancel your policy and obtain a full refund within the first 30 days.
  • 100% of Factory Fitted Extras Covered - We cover 100% of factory fitted extras and upto £1500 worth of dealer fitted accessories (Excluding Motorbike GAP).


Be sure to shop around and consider your options when purchasing Gap Insurance. As highlighted above and within the Which? Report, don't pay more than you have to for the most comprehensive Gap Insurance. Featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance