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30cm Coverage with Scratch & Dent Insurance at

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Updated 19th November 2018


Scratch & Dent Insurance




We are proud to announce that at we can offer a Scratch & Dent Insurance policy with the ability to cover incidents upto 30cm in diameter. Many other online suppliers are limited to offering cover for just 15cm, however, working very closely with our underwriter, Mapfre | Abraxas, we have designed a policy with a considerable amount more coverage for you.


Scratch & Dent Insurance is only a minor cosmetic repair policy and never would cover your major incidents, however, increasing the area covered from 150mm to 300mm in diamater, gives you the extra reassurance you need with this form of protection. The size limitations do differ depending on where the damage has occured and also what type of damage has been incurred, whether that be a scuff, scratch, dent or chip they all have different limitations.


Upto 30cm coverage and covers two panels


Not only can we offer 30cm coverage, a Scratch & Dent Insurance policy does not have a maximum number of claims. Therefore, you're not limited to a maximum of say 3 per year or 4 per year, instead there is a maximum claims benefit of £3,000. This is basically a budget spread over the term of your policy. With the average repair cost being between £150-£200, we expect the £3,000 budget to be more than sufficient over the maximum term of 3 years. 


Scratch & Dent Insurance Terms and ConditionsScratch & Dent Insurance Keyfacts




Key Features - Scratch & Dent Insurance

  • Upto 30cm Coverage (Depending on location and type)
  • No Maximum No. of Claims
  • £3,000 Maximum Repair Benefit
  • 1 - 3 Years Cover Available
  • £25 Excess/Call Out Charge
  • 30 Day Claims Waiting Period   

Important Facts about Scratch & Dent Insurance

  1. You only have 30 days from the date you collected the vehicle to purchase the policy.
  2. You can't save the damage up and claim all at once, instead you have to inform the claims team as soon as you notice any damage.
  3. If ever a bodyshop repair is needed, this form of insurance will not cover that circumstance.
  4. It is always a remote repair, carried out at your home address or place of work, for example.
  5. You cannot renew the policy at the end of the term, therefore ensure you select the most suitable term.

Can you buy Scratch & Dent Insurance?

All insurance policies will have criteria for you to meet, in order for you to be eligible for cover, this one is no different.

Please see below a list of criteria you would have to meet, in order to purchase this policy;

  • Your vehicle is a Car
  • Your car was purchased from a VAT Registered Garage or Main Dealership
  • Your car is less than 5 years of age and has less than 80,000 miles
  • You have purchased your car less than 30 days ago
  • Your car is not used as a business vehicle, i.e for a Taxi, Driving School, Chauffeur or Sales Rep
  • Your car is not on any form of hire, i.e lease or contract hire with no option to own.


If you have purchased a vehicle on a form of lease or contract hire with no option to keep the vehicle, we may have the ability to provide you with alternative cover. If this is the case, contact a member of the customer service team on either 0800 195 4926 or 0151 647 7556 or alternatively, visit our sister brand,

Is it worth having Scratch & Dent Insurance?


A form of cosmetic repair insurance can be very cost effective should you need to use it. We would encourage you to consider whether or not you are likely to use the cover, i.e have you had to have any minor cosmetic repairs repaired previously or have you been penalised when returning a car to the leasing company or dealership. If the answer is yes and the cost implication was more than the premium quoted, it may be a suitable policy for you. Then, it is deciding which policy and what would and wouldn't be covered.


This policy is a very comprehensive policy when comparing with other types available on the market. We will cover a scratch or scuff up to 30cm in diameter and over 2 body panels, however, we only cover dents up to 15cm in diameter and 3mm in depth. A SMART/Scratch & Dent Insurance policy is designed to cover minor damage and not major incidents, strictly speaking a trolley ding, scuff to the bumper and small dents caused by someone opening the door on your car are all typical types of damage you would expect to use this policy for.


Scratch & Dent Insurance - What is not covered?


When making a claim, we offer a smooth, stress free claims process which involves you contacting the dedicated claims team and giving them an indication of the damage, they will then authorise the claim and pass your details on to the local authorised repair network. The authorised repairers will then contact you to arrange an appointment time and location convenient for you. We use a number of different authorised repairers in the UK and depending on where you are based geographically will depend on who we use. Primarily, we use the highly coverted repair company, Revive, however, it does depend on where you are geographically to whether or not you have a representative nearby. If Revive don't have a repairer local to you, don't worry, the claims team have an extensive list of SMART repairers nationwide.


We understand that most franchise main dealerships will now offer you a form of cosmetic repair insurance and may call it a number of different things. Smart Insurance, Scuff and Dent, Cosmetic Repair Plus, Body Protection are all different names for Scratch & Dent Insurance. However, there may be differences to how the policy works, should you need to make a claim. With some main dealership policies, they may include Alloy Wheel protection within the cover and with others they may also contribute an amount towards a bodyshop repair or have the ability to carry out the repair within their own bodyshop.


30cm Coverage Scratch & Dent Insurance


With most independently supplied Scratch & Dent Insurance, ours included, any repair needed within a bodyshop will not be covered. A remote repair is available providing the damage fits the size criteria, if the damage exceeds the set size limitations, unfortunately it would need to go to a bodyshop and therefore it wouldn't be covered within this policy. If you have a form of bodyshop coverage within the dealership policy along with no size limitations, that may be a more comprehensive option for you. But, that may also come at an additional premium.


When comparing a policy against other online suppliers, you will find that our key features are very different. As mentioned previously, we have no maximum number of claims and instead a maximum claims benefit of £3,000 and a maximum diameter of 30cm. These two key features are something you may not find anywhere else online.


Scratch & Dent Insurance available at