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Example Shortfall Gap Insurance Policies

Every policy will have terms and conditions and ours is no exception. 

These are important as they will set out eligibility criteria as well as on what basis any claim would be made as well as who is responsible for what and when. With this in mind, we would request that before you buy any policy you familiarise yourself with them.

Your Shortfall policy pays the difference between your motor insurance companies settlement and...

Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance

1. The higher of either the original invoice price you paid. or 

2. The amount outstanding on finance.

If you have paid cash as there is no finance to settle the full amount is sent back to you. All settlements are made in a cash format. Need help? Please call 0151 647 7556.

Combined Vehicle Replacement Insurance

1. The higher of either the original invoice price you paid. 

2. The amount outstanding on finance.

3. The replacement cost of another vehicle the same as yours was on the first day you drove it home. We also contribute towards your motor insurance company's excess.

Contract and Lease Hire Gap Insurance

The difference between your motor insurance company's settlement and the amount outstanding on your contract hire or lease agreement.

This difference can be made up of lots of different aspects, forward rentals, and differences in market value even a percentage of future rentals. We simply call it a shortfall.

Contract & Lease Hire with Deposit Protection

All the terms and benefits of a standard contract and hire gap insurance, so you can walk away with no further financial responsibility.

In addition, your policy will also reimburse you your initial rental as shown on your invoice up to the maximum of £2000 in a cash format.