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Aequitas Automotive Limited

Aequitas Automotive Limited is our company name registered at companies house.  

Our company number is 7347606. is one of our trading names, and you can check this on the FCA register.

Our FRN number is 821163. 

You can also check us on the British Insurance Brokers Association register our number 006652.

Aequitas was the Roman God of equality and true genuine fairness. It is something that we are not only very proud of; we are 100% committed to, but also something which we have incorporated into the structure of our company.

Not only how we communicate and interact with you and our underwriters but also how we motivate and pay our staff. We have adopted an "open book" fair approach.

None of our staff is paid a commission if they assist you in purchasing a policy or making alterations or transfers. Instead, we think a fairer way is to base bonus structures on customer service rates.

We also think it makes sound business sense as happy customers who are given impeccable service and looked after when they make a claim or buy a policy come back time and time again.

We have several different underwriters as no provider can offer everything to everyone.

For example, Shortfall can offer cover for vehicles up to £150,000, which is fantastic but can not cover motorhomes or driving school vehicles.

What about if you purchased your car over 90 days ago?

What about if you have new for old cover as part of your motor insurance companies fully comprehensive policy?

We think having many providers puts us in a unique position as we can usually offer cover for most vehicles and usages.



Lets find a policy to fit your circumstances and what is important to you?

We are all different and want to protect various aspects, so one level of cover with one set of terms and conditions does not suit all. What could be vitally important to you could be completely insignificant to someone else and vice versa.
So why not call a member of our team on 0151 647 7556 or 0800 195 4926 who will be able to provide different quotations based on your circumstances and what is important to you. Please remember that our bonuses are based on customer service rates. So being completely upfront, it is in our interest to ensure that we offer the right policy at the right price. And that you are 100% happy with the service you receive and the policy we offer. 

Part of the Aequitas Automotive Family.

EasyGap Insurance

Can offer Combined Return to Invoice and Contract Hire Gap Insurance for normal usage vehicles and for taxi, motorbikes, motorhomes, scooters and LCVs with a vehicle value up to £50,000.

Gap Insurance 123

Underwritten on behalf of a consortium of Lloyds of London Syndicates. Can offer cover for normal usage cars only and allows customers to defer the start date of their policy if they have new for old cover.

Total Loss Gap

Offers all three main levels of cover for vehicles up to £75,000 with unlimited claim limits. Contract Hire policies come with £1000 complimentary deposit protection. Vehicle Replacement covers vehicles up to 4yrs old.