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So why buy Gap Insurance Online, and why Shortfall?

If you are looking for gap insurance, you will most likely be offered cover directly from your dealership. Based on what customers tell us, the average cost for a three-year policy is typically around £395 for a basic level of return to invoice cover. However, this can jump to over £800 - £900 for some prestige models. So while you like the idea of gap insurance, the price can be "a little" off-putting. So like hundreds of thousands of customers, you start to search the internet. 

We live in the real world.

We are not the only gap insurance provider.

So what makes shortfall different?

Why should you choose our levels of cover, and if so many of our competitors proclaim that they are unbeatable, why should you put your faith in us?

Fair pricing, Transparency, Team bonus and Commitment to Robust Relationships

Fair Pricing

We have to make money when a customer buys a policy; we would not be in business if we did not.

Our fair pricing policy means that when you buy a gap insurance policy, you know that you will not find a shortfall policy cheaper anywhere else: no discount codes, no cash backs and absolutely no gimmicks.

Economies of Scale

We provide lots and lots of gap insurance and supplementary policies and have many, many happy policyholders and website visitors.

Economies of scale mean that because of the sheer volume of policies we provide, we can make tiny profits on each policy instead of big chunks of a small limited number.


We don't hide anything away. Our policies are visible before you buy and 24 hours a day via your online account.

Our policies are outstanding, but they will have terms and conditions. They will have exclusions, and there are times when your policy will not pay out. E.g. Claim when you have been drunk driving. 

Team Salaries

Our team are human, we are not perfect, but we try hard to give you the best service possible.

We don't reward our team on a commission basis. Instead of targeting our team on policies sold, we target bonuses on levels of customer service. We genuinely believe that this is a better way to do business.


We work hard to build strong relationships with our shortfall family, policyholders, team members and underwriters.

After all, we rely on you to provide the correct information. You depend on us to ensure you get the right cover, and we rely on the underwriters to deal with your claim. 

We think your gap insurance policy should be like a tin of baked beans.

Perhaps not exactly what you expected, but bare with us. Even before you open the tin, you know what colour the beans will be and what they will look, smell and taste like. This is precisely how we think your policy should be. You know even before you make a claim what will be covered, how you will be paid and what won't be covered, and we work hard on your behalf to ensure that this is precisely what happens. We want you to know who will do what and when even before you buy a policy, let alone make a claim.