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Shortfall Peace of Mind


We know that for some people shopping and buying online is a normal way of life and for others it can seem daunting. At Shortfall we completely understand and have therefore produced this page to give you any reassurance that you may need in order to purchase a policy. 

As we promise to be the best price you find, you may think that this may come as a consequence to the ability of your policy. However, this is not the case. Our policies have some outstanding features within them, that in some cases won't be found anywhere else. Features such as the £750 excess contribution as part of your Car Gap Insurance policy or the ability to transfer your Gap Insurance policy completely free of charge to your next eligible vehicle, have helped us earn our 5 star reputation.


Having been featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance four consecutive years running, you really can count on us to provide the most comprehensive features to go along with the best price guarantee. Being part of Aequitas Automotive Ltd, our sister brands Easy Gap and Gap Insurance 123 have also been featured within Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert's review into Gap Insurance. As we work in close connection with our sister brands, we should be able to provide a solution for you, no matter how obscure your circumstance. 


We prioritise customer service and believe that whilst any policy you purchase is designed to protect different things, it is the customer service and the claims process that really help us stand head and shoulders above anyone else. Our current average rating for customer service is only an illustration of our commitment to quality and service.

The underwriters of your policy Mapfre | Abraxas are also what we consider to be the leading underwriters in the current market in the UK. The Mapfre | Abraxas combination is a well known combination within the industry as they currently underwrite a number of main manufacturer policies. Their reputation, longevity and experience in the field of Gap Insurance, Tyre, Scratch & Dent Insurance is nothing short of market leading. In fact, if you have had a previous policy through the dealership or manufacturer, there is a high chance that the policy could have been underwritten by Mapfre.


All of our policies are backed by the (FSCS) Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK, meaning that if anything ever happened financially, either to us or the underwriting insurer, your policy is still protected by the government backed scheme.

Again, if you are a little concerned that the price we have quoted you isn't enough, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated customer service team to ask any questions you may have. Alternatively, click the following links and read the independent reports carried out by Which? and Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert to put your mind at ease. 

Shortfall Security


For your complete peace of mind you will be pleased to know that our systems are protected by not just one, but two different security systems.

The first system is called an SSL. You will see when you entered the website that the top line of your computer which normally showing the name and web address of the site that you are visiting will turn green. 

Our website is hosted on a secure server. Any information that you enter is then transmitted to us encrypted. The website is also independently scanned at random once a day to make sure that no-one is attempting to upload or damage the integrity of our systems.

A second independent system also protects your payment details.

When you enter any payment information you will see the Trustwave symbol. This is a secondary system which ensures that any payment information complies with all current payment processing legislation and guidelines. This system also independently and at random conducts scans of your systems again to make sure that no-one is attempting to intercept or compromise any aspects of the system.

Shortfall Telephone Security


When you give your details to any member of the team you can rest assured that they have been completely trained in how to handle your call as well as, in how to protect your data.


We respect our customers privacy and will never contact you unsolicited. None of your details are sold, passed on or given to anyone for any so called marketing purposes.

As soon as an operator has processed your policy their system is automatically completely cleansed of any of your payment details, this is both for your security as well as ours. In fact they will not be able to access your data unless you supply them with the answers to random security questions which they can not override.

If you subsequently call back you will be asked some security questions which the operator will not be able to prompt or assist you with. This procedure will have to be done each and every time you call.

Please note that your call may also be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Shortfall Physical Security


We hold your and our privacy and security in very high regard and it is not something that we simply take for granted.

No security system is ever perfect however our buildings have three independent physical locks which have to be unlocked to gain access.

As well as this we have CCTV and alarm systems.

Once inside our offices, our computers have two separate passwords which must be entered before the system will turn on. These passwords are changed at random and the system will block a user automatically if they try to log in unsuccessfully after a number of attempts.

Even once the system has been activated an operator will need to enter answers to your security questions in order to be able to access your file.


Again we stress that no security systems are ever infallible, however, we believe that we have taken every reasonable precaution possible to ensure your information and ours remains safe at all times.

Financial Peace of Mind


From the moment that you have made payment your policy is live and in place.

That said it is uncertain times that we live in and why we are not for one second suggesting that there is anything remotely unstable about us or the underwriters, far from it, in fact we are just about to enter a stage of expansion, but no-one can predict the future.

After all no-one ever thought that some of the worlds largest banks would fall into difficulties, but they did! 

So with this in mind you will be pleased to know that your policy is backed by the FSCS.

The FSCS is an independent body who are there to help if the underwriter of your policy is no longer able to honor any claim. As our policies are classed as supplementary since 2010 the maximum level of compensation for claims on or after the 1st of January 2010 is 90% no upper limit. You can visit the FSCS website to calculate compensation limits.


Again we stress our underwriters are we consider to be the very "cream of the crop" and a major force within the UK Insurance industry but heaven forbid if something ever did go wrong you are still protected, not just today but the lifetime of your policy.