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At shortfall we want you to know who we are and how we provide policies direct to you. Also the experience and expertise we have which allows us to tailor policies to meet your demands and needs.

Simply click on the field that you want to know more about and our system will direct you to the right area. Here you will find all the imformation that you need. 

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Tyre Damage Insurance


Mr Steven Totman

Combined Vehicle Replacement


Mr Steven Totman

Combined Vehicle Replacement

"Excellent site explained things really clearly and concise."

Mrs Joanna Cullimore

Combined Vehicle Replacement


Mrs Josephine Piers

Motorbike Return to Invoice


Mr Tim O'Connell

Taxi Vehicle Replacement


Mr Kevin Heaney

Driving School Return to Invoice


Miss Emma Moss

Alloy Wheel Insurance

"Great price"

Mr Kevin Todd

Excess Protection

"This was a renewal of an existing policy; there was no "renewal" button to make the process quicker, i.e. I had to enter all my details, personal and car, instead of you getting my existing policy up, and me then making any changes!"

Mr William Kendall Hall

Scratch & Dent Insurance



Combined Return to Invoice

"Very easy to set up and very competitive rates! "

Mr Andrew Yeates

Run Flat Tyre & Alloy Insurance

"Very polite and couldn't have been more helpful when I rang just to see what the service was like before signing up. The signing up itself was very easy to complete."

Mr Tim Pickthall