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Gap Insurance Quotation Box

What is Gap Insurance?

Gap Insurance is a supplementary insurance that protects you financially when your vehicle is written off. 


Please remember that if you vehicle is written off your own motor insurance company is only ever legally obliged to offer your the value of your vehicle on the day it was written off.


With the average vehicle predicted to depreciate up to 50% within the first three years alone this means that the amount that you are offered in settlement can and often is thousands and thousands of pounds less than the original amount you paid.


Without any form of Gap Insurance you are left having to bear the cost of the loss alone. You may have to use savings, take on extra financial commitments or worse be left paying for a vehicle that you no longer have.


Shortfall Insurance or Gap Insurance as it is often called can protect you against this loss. It can not stop your vehicle from being stolen and it can not stop you from being in an accident, however it can make sure that should it ever happen at least the financial aspects and worries are taken care of.

Excess Insurance Box Quotation

What is a Motor Excess Insurance Policy?


Having an excess to pay on your motor insurance policy is taken for granted mostly these days.


However, this means that when you have to make a claim your motor insurer will ask you to either pay the excess for a repair, or deduct it from any claim they settle with you.


These excess amounts can range from a few hundred to thousands of pounds.


Depending upon your vehicle and your driving history simply raising your voluntary excess a couple of hundred pounds can make a massive difference to the premium your are charged.


This is beacuse that should you ever need to make a claim your own insuracne company know that you will be liabile for the first £750 or even £1000 pounds. This reduces the risk for them and therefore reduces your motor insurance.


This sounds fine in an ideal world, but what happens when you need to make a claim? 


Shortfall Excess Insurance can provide you with protection against these high excess charges on your motor insurance. If you are charged an excess in a claim by your motor insurer then you may simply claim it back from your Shortfall Motor Excess policy.


There are various levels of excess you can cover, from £150 to £1000. With annual prices starting from just £17.50 then protecting the excess on your motor insurance policy can be done at very little cost to you. Click for a quote on Shortfall Motor Excess Insurance today!

Tyre Insurance Box Quotation

Why should you buy Tyre Insurance?


It is expected that certain parts of your car are going to wear down and will eventually have to be replaced. 


Tyres are naturally one of the main items that you expect to have to pay for in time, you may have heard the term "serviceable items". This simply means that they will wear out over time.


However, if your tyres suffer accidental or malicious damage then this can mean a hefty and unexpected bill much sooner than you planned!


That is unless you have Shortfall Tyre Insurance policy of course! Our Tyre Insurance protection will provide financial protection should you have to repair or replace your tyres due to accident or malicious damage. So if you hit a pothole, or run over a nail, then the cost of repair or replacement can be covered for you.


We must highlight that there is a £10 excess per claim which has been put in place to combat fraudulent claims.


Shortfall Tyre Insurance can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years and can provide up to a £300 claim for a replacement tyre, even run-flat tyres!


With prices starting at just £98 why do you not find out how cost effective protection with Shortfall Tyre Insurance can be. Get a quote today!

Alloy Wheel Insurance Box Quotation

What is Alloy Wheel Insurance?


Alloy Wheel Insurance is a policy which will pay to repair your alloy wheel if it is damaged.


Alloy wheels not only change the look of your vehicle but they can also affect the value of it and no driver no matter how careful is exempt from kerbing their wheel from time to time. After all accidents happen and that is exactly why we all protect ourselves and our pockets with general insurance products.


With some alloy wheels costing hundreds of pounds if your wheel is damaged you can be left with the choice of having to spend you own hard earned cash to have it repaired or simply learning to live with the affect the alloy wheel has on the ascetics of your vehicle. 


Alloy Wheel Insurance can help as it will pay to have your alloy wheel repaired and you can make up to 3 claims in a 12 month period. Please remember that you cover will not stop simply because you have made a claim and will continue until either you have made the maximum number of claims or the end of your policy (the expiry date).


Just like any insurance our Alloy Wheel Insurance policy will have terms and conditions so it is important that you understand how your policy works and what it will and will not cover before you buy.


To help combat fraudulent claims and keep costs down there is a £10.00 excess on each Alloy Wheel Insurance claim you make.


The Alloy Wheel Insurance claims procedure itself is very quick and easy simply contact our claims team on 0191 258 8135 and they will walk you through the process.


You will be pleased to know that all of our alloy wheel insurance policies are underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited on Behalf of Ageas Insurance. They are fully FCA regulated and backed by the financial services compensation scheme.


With Alloy Wheel Insurance from as little as £39.00 for a years cover why not click or call for an instant quote.

Scratch & Dent Insurance Box Quotation

Shortfall Scratch and Dent Insurance


There can be nothing more frustrating that when you notice those key scratches that appear on your vehicle no matter how fantastic a driver you are no-one is exempt from trolley dings.


They may be small, but you know they are there!


With Shortfall Scratch and Dent Insurance you can cover the cost of repairs to this type of damage for up to 3 years. Types of damage covered include:


Paint Chips


Dents to your bodywork


Scratches to the bodywork


Paint Scuffs


The work will be carried out by an Approved Repairer who will provide you with a 2 year Guarantee for the repair.

For more details on Scratch and Dent Insurance Click for a Quote for 1, 2 or 3 year cover.

How to get a Shortfall Insurance Quote


It is very easy to get a quotation, simply click the Get a Quote button on the page that you would like a quotation for.


Or if you prefer click the green at the top right of your screen. This will take you to a page where you will be able to select the type of policy you would like a quotation for. Either way our system will ask you some questions about you and your vehicle and eliminate various levels of cover and display policies for you to consider.


You can also use our help centre at any time for help and guidance about how to register a policy and even what different terms and definitions mean.


Alternatively you can call a member of the team on 0800 195 4926 where they will be able to explain your options and discuss how various levels of cover could work for you.


Being part of Aequitas Automotive Limited we promise that we will never use jargon and only ever use plain English.


We will take as much or as little time as you want to explain your options as we feel that it is important that you have all the information so that you can make real and informed choices based on fact.


We will always be fair and up front. Our main concern will and always has been your policy. What happens when you make a claim and how your policy performs. We think that to be over insured is almost as bad as being under insured and will always give our "frank" and honest opinions and recommendations.


We will always treat you with respect. You are a valued customer, policy holder or Website visitor and your opinion counts. Please remember that any bonuses or financial incentives any member of the team are paid are never based on rates of sales. Instead any incentives are always based on rates of customer service which we believe to be the only real and true barometer to use.


Why not click or call for an instant quote and see just how easy and inexpensive Shortfall Insurance can be.

Spread the cost of your policy


If your policy premium is above £150 then you will have the ability to spread the cost over 12 monthly instalments. No deposit.


If your policy is between £100 and £150 give one of our friendly customer service team a call on 0800 195 4926 and they will take you through the manual pay monthly process.


If you have chosen to purchase a number of policies within our bundle options, we can confirm that you will also have the option of spreading the cost of your total premium price over the course of 12 months. Here is how it works.


For Example, you have purchased the bundle option below. The total bundle price is £169.41 which would then take the place of the total premium price in the case of the example above.


The 10% charge for credit in this case would be £16.94 which will then be added on to the total bundle price. You now have a total cost of £186.35. Simply divide the total cost by 12 which will give you your monthly instalment of £15.52 in this case.