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What is Gap Insurance?

Gap Insurance is an insurance policy that is activated when your car is declared a write-off. Depending upon the level of cover you chose it can pay the difference between your insurance company's settlement and either the amount of finance outstanding, the invoice price you paid or even the replacement cost of another car. 

Why not click or call for an instant quote and see just how simple gap insurance can be?

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Shortfall Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance can cover Diamond, Laser cut, Powder Coated and Painted alloy wheels. We can also cover standard, Runflat, N Rated and Low profile tyres up to and including 22inch, with unlimited puncture repairs up to the maximum claim limit. 

Comparing tyre and alloy wheel policies? No problem why not click and see just how inexpensive and all-inclusive our policies are? 

Buy Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance?

You cannot wrap your car in cotton wool. No matter how careful you are they can get damaged. Trolley Dings, Minor scuffs, small scrapes, and curbed alloy wheels can happen anywhere and at any time.

They not only spoil the appearance of your car but can also affect its value. Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance can help.  Your policy can even contribute towards a body shop repair if a localised repair is not possible. (T&Cs apply)

Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance

You can make up to 10 bodywork - scratch claims during your policy to a maximum value of £2500.

Body Shop contributions of up to £250 . Please see policy documents for full terms and conditions.

Your policy will cover scratches up to 30 cm in length and 3mm in depth which can be on two body panels

There is No Waiting Period if you buy your policy before you take delivery / collection of your car, and No excess to pay. 

With a Shortfall policy you can make up to 10 Alloy wheel claims up to the maximum of £1500 during your policy.

Shortfall Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

No waiting period for if you buy your policy before taking delivery of your car, and absolutely no excess to pay. T&C Apply

Claim up to £300 per replacement tyre up to the maximum of £1500 during the policy.

You can make an unlimited number of puncture repairs within the £1500 claim limit of your policy. 

You can claim up to £150 per alloy wheel repair up to the maximum £1500 claim limit. T&C's Apply

We can provide cover diamond, laser cut, painted and powder coated alloy wheels covered. T&C's Apply

Which level of Shortfall Gap Insurance is best for you?

Which Gap Insurance?

Which level of Gap Insurance do you need, and what makes Shortfall Gap Insurance different? Which level of cover is best for you, and how much does Gap Insurance cost?

Why not click for a quote, and our automated system will highlight levels of cover for you to consider.

Return to Invoice

Return to Invoice pays the difference between your motor insurance companies settlement and the higher of either the amount outstanding on your finance package. Or the original purchase price you paid.

Settlement of funds is then paid in a cash format for you to spend as you see fit.

Vehicle Replacement

Vehicle Replacement pays the difference between your insurance companies settlement and the higher of either the amount outstanding on finance. The original invoice price you paid or the replacement cost of another car the same as yours was on the first day you drove it home. Payment is in the form of a cash settlement.

Contract & Lease Hire

Contract Hire Gap Insurance pays the difference between your insurance companies settlement and the amount outstanding under the terms of your agreement. N.B Any late payment charges or arrears on your contract will be deducted from any settlement. We even contribute towards your motor insurance excess.

What is Gap Insurance and what could it do for you?

Money does not grow on trees and we all work too long and too hard for someone to tell us how to spend our money. So why should you consider spending even more money buying gap insurance?

Did you know that if your vehicle is written off, your motor insurance company is only ever legally obliged to offer you the value of your vehicle on that day? Any settlement you receive could be considerably less than you paid. So, this could leave you with substantially out-of-pocket expenses, or even worse, mean that you are left to pay for a vehicle you can no longer use. You could use your savings, or you could take on additional debt. But why?

Gap Insurance can help protect you financially, ensuring you are not left out of pocket. It depends upon the level of cover you choose. It could clear any outstanding finance, top you back up to the invoice price you paid, or even pay for a replacement vehicle at the exact cost of yours on the 1st day you drove it home.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance

Return to Invoice is the most similar level of cover to the Gap Insurance traditionally offered by your dealership.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance 

Protect not only the depreciation of your car but also the appreciation of a replacement vehicle.

Contract - Lease Hire Gap Insurance

This policy has been made to cover any shortfall on your contract hire or lease agreement.

Gap Insurance Questions

How much will my Gap Insurance Cost?

Who is covered on my Gap Insurance policy?

Who Underwrites my Shortfall policy?

How do I make a claim on my Gap Insurance?

What is the maximum price of car you cover?

What Makes Shortfall different form other providers?

80 Years Motor and Finance Industry Experience

Our senior management team have been in the motor and finance industries for a very long time and has a combined experience of over 80 years.

This means that over the years, they have used their industry experience and your feedback to tailor-make policies.

From the old level of basic Gap Insurance to the new, more feature-packed, all-inclusive levels of cover we are pleased to offer today.

Policies are underwritten by an "A" rated Insurer

Insurance companies are independently rated for financial strength. It is essential as it is an indication of their ability to be able to pay claims. The underwriters of your policy are not only "A" rated but have also been around since 1858. This financial strength and longevity, we think, is a winning formula and proves not only their capability but also their resilience.

Their ethos is "Simple, Clear, Helvetia."

Statement from May 2022.

5 Star Rated

We take your feedback seriously, and over the years, we have used it to improve levels of cover. Our aim is always to strive to exceed your customer service expectations constantly. 

All of our reviews are verified independently and are from real genuine people.

We cannot alter or delete them in any way. Equally, we have no control over what is published. We are not perfect, but that does not mean we won't stop trying to be.

British Insurance Brokers Association

We are proud to be a longstanding British Insurance Brokers Association member.

To verify our membership, please visit their website. Biba's Mission Statement taken from BIBA May 2022 is "To represent and protect the best interests of our insurance broker and intermediary members and their customers."

Financial Conduct Authority

We are directly authorised by the FCA. You can verify this by visiting their website to search the register.

Extract taken from May 2022.  ..."Financial Markets need to be honest, fair and effective, so consumers get a fair deal..."


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects all policies purchased from

 The FSCS Mission Statement taken from FSCS May 2022 is "to provide a trusted compensation service for customers when financial firms fail. This helps to raise public confidence in the financial services industry."

Questions about Shortfall Insurance

Am I covered Abroad with my Gap policy?

Yes, you are covered in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man & any other EU member state for which an International Motor Insurance Certificate is effective on your car. For full details, please see your policy. 

Do you charge any administration fees?

No, we do not charge any administration fees whatsoever for a change of address, vehicle registration number changes or even your first policy transfer. For full details, please see your policy. 

How am I paid when I make a claim?

You are always paid in a cash format. It means that you choose where, when and on what your money is spent. As such, we never physically replace your car. For full details, please see your policy.

Do you pay my motor insurance excess?

Yes, your Gap Insurance policy will contribute up to £250 towards the cost of your motor insurance companies excess in the event of you making a Gap Insurance claim. For full details, please see your policy. 

Can I transfer my policy if I sell my car?

Yes, you can. You would need to qualify for price bandings and eligibility; However subject to that, absolutely, and even better, your first transfer is free of charge. For full details, please see your policy. 

Gap insurance for Lease and Personal contract cars

Is Contract Hire Gap Insurance a good idea?

Simple, easy and affordable. Contract Hire Gap Insurance is a quick and straightforward way of ensuring that, should your contract hire or lease car be written off. You are not left having to pay for a vehicle you no longer have.

Can you Buy Gap Insurance for vehicles bought via PCP?

As you have the legal option to take full ownership of your car, you may have several policies to choose from. Please remember that there is no wrong choice. Instead, it is more a question of how much risk you want to take yourself.

What won't your Policy Pay for?

Just like any insurance policy, there are terms and conditions. We want you to understand your policy and know what you will and will not be covered for. With this in mind, we ask that you always read your policy documents before buying any policy. If you need help understanding any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact a team member. Or why not use the contact page and send us a message?

Who are is a trading name of Aequitas Automotive Limited, which is part of the Aequitas Group Holdings Limited family.

We are a privately owned limited company that was formed in 2010.

We are proud to have a senior management team with over 80 years of combined experience in the motor and insurance markets. Over the years, we have grown and grown. We have strong relationships with our policyholders while never underestimating the power that repeat customers hold.

We like to do things differently, and some say old-fashioned way. It has and always will be about ensuring that we are fair, open and transparent. Fair to our customers, policyholders, insurers and staff.

No gimmicks, affiliations, or slick marketing, just plain old policies written in plain English. That works with what we are told are market-leading levels of customer service. Our company ethos is something we strive for in every aspect of our work. 

Our ethos is "Fairness, honesty, transparency to everyone always."

Why use

We live in the real world. We know that we are not the only online providers of gap insurance, so why choose us? If everyone says, their policy is amazing (and they do).

What makes shortfall so different?

The answer is simple. We are part of the Aequitas Group Holdings Family. We specialise in Gap and supplementary motor-related policies.

1. We don't sell cars or service them.

2. We don't offer home or gadget insurance.

3. We don't even offer motor insurance.

Instead, we have a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that you have all the information you need to make a real, genuine informed choice. After looking at the facts you decide that you would like to choose shortfall, that is fantastic. If not, that is fine too. We want you to be able to make genuine choices based on facts, not fiction. No Gimmicks, no clever marketing. 

Just excellent levels of customer service and value for money.

Owning a car can be expensive even without normal wear and tear.

Owning a car can be very expensive. The cost of Car tax, Road fund license, Servicing, Motor Insurance, Routine maintenance, and fuel charges all add up.

It is hard to say precisely how much each car will be different, and there are too many variables to give a conclusive one-size-fits-all answer. However, Kwik Fit conducted a survey in 2018 and stated that the average cost was estimated to be £162 per month.

Please remember that this cost is on top of any financial package. We also have to remember that since then, fuel and insurance costs have risen considerably so that the actual price could be much more. 

Depreciation is also a factor in car ownership.

Depreciation is how much your car will lose over time.

No one likes to think they are losing money, but it is an unwelcome consequence of owning a car. A fact of life that we all already accept to some degree. After all, no one would ever expect to pay more to buy a four-year-old car than it would buy a brand new one. This means that we would expect to pay less. Without thinking of it, we would expect the car to be worth less. 

Industry experts estimate that the average car usage and mileage can depreciate up to 50% in just three years and, in some cases, considerably more. That difference, the total cost of depreciation, could be tens of thousands of pounds.

Why choose

With so many on and offline providers, why should you choose Shortfall? We think the answer is simple. We genuinely believe that our levels of service set us apart. That's why any bonuses our team are paid are based on levels of customer service. To be blunt, it is in everyone's financial interests to ensure you always get the best service possible.

Where can I see the policy terms and conditions before buying a policy?

How can I get in touch with you and what times are your telephone lines open?

How do I make a complaint if I am unhappy about my policy?

How can I pay for my policy and what payment options do you have?

How do I receive my documents when I have purchased a policy online?

Why we are less expensive

Money does not grow on trees, and every penny helps. You can save money by buying Gap Insurance independently. This is because we cannot affect the price of your car, and subsequently, the amount of VAT HMRC is paid on the profit of the sale of the vehicle. We are allowed under HMRC rules and guidelines to charge a lower rate of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT for short).

Why we are better value for money

None of our team is paid a sales-based commission. Instead, any bonuses our team are paid are linked to exceptional customer service rates. It means that it is in everyone's financial interest to ensure that you have the most appropriate Gap Insurance policy for your personal circumstances and that you always receive the best levels of customer service.

Why we are so competitive

Economies of scale mean that we can use our buying power to negotiate. Not only low Gap Insurance prices but also to add additional features free of charge. For example, imagine what price you could have negotiated if, instead of buying one car, you were buying 80,000. Same car but perhaps free metallic paint, full tank of fuel, and not forgetting a fraction of the original cost.