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What is a Fair Pricing Policy?

At Shortfall, we are part of Aequits Automotive Limited. We believe that every policyholder is entitled to receive the same fair value for money when they buy a policy from us. Whether they call and speak to a member of the team or if they purchase a policy online, the price will be the same regardless of what method they used to find us.

Fair pricing is a bold statement, but how do we ensure it works in practice?

1. We are proud to be independent and are not listed on comparison sites.

This means that any layer of the non-productive commission has been removed.

It may mean you have to come to us directly and do some leg work. Still, it means that instead of paying a fee or percentage of a sale to the comparison system, we can pass the saving directly to you. 

2. We have signed a contract with our underwriters, meaning we cannot charge more than a fixed percentage of your policy.

It certainly means that we can not overcharge or list the prices higher than they should be.

It also means that we, as well as the underwriters, can monitor each policy's real value for money to ensure that the policies we provide offer real benefits.

3. We do not have any sponsorships, recommendations or paid ratings from anyone.
Sponsorships and paid recommendations cost lots of money. If we did, this would come at a cost which would ultimately increase our running costs and would have to be passed on to policyholders. Instead, by coming direct, you are paying for the policy itself, not the gimmicks or slick marketing.

4. We do not have any discount codes or cash-backs.

This is against our ethos as we believe that it means that some customers who are not internet savvy or confident enough to call and haggle could pay more. This could lead to a two-tier system of not all customers getting the same value for money and benefits, which we do not think is fair.