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Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance with

One all-inclusive cost-efficient policy for Alloy Wheel Insurance & Tyre Insurance

If you are looking to purchase Alloy Wheel Insurance and Tyre Insurance for your vehicle, why not combine the two into one all-inclusive policy?

Combining alloy wheel and tyre insurance into one policy it will offer you better value for money while having no dilution of cover. After all, we would not want to compromise on levels of cover to save money so why should you have to?

A Combined Wheel policy is a feature-packed policy designed to protect you from the financial effects of having an alloy wheel repaired or a tyre repaired or replaced.


What makes Shortfall Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance Different?

Key Policy Features

1. Cover Standard Tyres

2. Cover Run flat, N Rated & Low Profile Tyres

3. Make up to 5 tyre claims up to a maximum of £1500

4. Claim up to £300 per replacement tyre

5. Make unlimited Puncture repairs within the maximum £1500 claim limit

6. Claim up to £150 per alloy wheel repair

7. Claim up to £150 if your alloy wheel is beyond cosmetic repair

8. Claim up to a maximum of £750 under the alloy wheel section of your policy.

Why buy Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Even the most careful of drivers may scuff or 'kerb' an alloy wheel. This can be very unsightly and even affect the valuation of the vehicle.

The idea of the alloy wheel element of this policy is to take away the cost of having the alloy wheel repaired, whilst also protecting your no claims on your own motor insurance policy.

With the average cost of repairing an alloy wheel averaging between £100 and £125 depending on the level of damage and the type of alloy wheel, this type of insurance can be very cost-effective.

This policy will pay up to £150 towards the cost of having the wheel repaired, with no excess for you to pay. Why not click and see just affordable Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance can be?

How does it protect my Tyres?

The tyre insurance element is slightly different, again designed to cover any accidental or malicious damage, however, if a puncture is not repairable, this policy will pay up to £300 towards the cost to replace it.

You will be pleased to know that there is no waiting period if you buy your policy before you take delivery of your car. If you buy a policy after delivery/ collection there is a 14-day waiting period during which time we will not honour any claims.

With more and more manufacturers issuing models with run-flat, N-rated and low-profile tyres, the cost to replace them like for like, can again be very costly.

This policy is designed to take away the cost of having the tyre repaired or replaced.

Compare Shortfall Tyre and Alloy Wheel insurance

We cover lots of different types of Alloy Wheels

Diamond and laser-cut wheels are becoming the norm when purchasing a brand new vehicle from a number of premium manufacturers. The likes of BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Nissan all tend to make vehicles with diamond cut wheels as standard, that said, a number of other manufacturers may also issue their models with this type of wheel as it does depend on the model. Most other policies available on the market may not cover diamond cut or laser cut wheels as the repair process is slightly more complicated than the standard alloy wheel.

We cover Run Flat, Low Profile and N Rated Tyres

Many manufacturers now offer Run Flat Tyres on most of their vehicles. The idea of run-flat tyres is great, the tyre will stay inflated for a certain number of miles, despite incurring a puncture. However, in the majority of cases, the tyre may then not be repairable.

This only increases the need for tyre insurance as you are more likely to need to replace the tyre, rather than have it repaired. Not only would you have to change the tyre in the event of a puncture, but the cost of a run-flat tyre is also likely to be more than a standard tyre as well.

Cosmetic repairs to Alloy Wheels are covered

This policy will arrange for a remote repair to take place on your alloy wheel at your home address or place of work, for example, however, we must highlight that the repair cost is limited to £150. This is somewhat of an industry-standard limitation and something we expect you to find in most other alloy wheel insurance policies.

Although, the limit is set at £150, we honestly don't expect the repair cost to be more than £150, that said, we do have to highlight that there is a maximum cost set.


You can claim up to £300 for a replacement tyre

In the event of the tyre not being repairable, again more than likely with run-flat tyres, we will contribute the first £300 towards the replacement of another equivalent specification of tyre. When making a claim within claims team hours, the claims team will direct you to your local tyre retailer on account, for example, the likes of National Tyres and Kwik Fit for the tyre to be repaired or replaced. Under those circumstances, you don't have to pay anything towards the cost of repairing or replacing the tyre providing the replacement cost is less than £300.

No wear and Tear Deductions or Excess's

Many other policies will ask you to pay the first amount towards making a claim, usually £10, however sometimes as much as £25. However, at you don't have to pay any excess in the event of you making a claim. Another advantage of choosing for your Combined Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance is that unlike some policies we do not ask you to make wear and tear contributions. E.g if your tyre is 60% worn when you make a claim some providers ask you to pay 60% towards the cost of a replacement. We don't, we pay the full 100%.

What we Wont Cover - For T&C please See Your Policy Documents.

Theft of your car, Alloy Wheels or Tyres

We will not cover the replacement cost of your car, tyres of alloy wheels. instead, we would urge you to contact your motor insurance company. 

Cars used for Track and race Days

We can not cover cars that are used for racing, track days, pace making, speed testing, or any other competitive event.

Historical Damage

Even though there in some cases there is no waiting period we can not cover any damage that occurred before your policy was in place. 

Consequential loss

We can not cover the cost of you not having the use of your car because it was immobile.

Wear & Tear

We can not cover the cost of wear and tear. For example, if your tyre simply wears out you would need to buy another.