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Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance | for Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance

One all inclusive policy for Alloy Wheel Insurance & Tyre Insurance


Combined Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance at


If you are looking to purchase Alloy Wheel Insurance and Tyre Insurance for your vehicle, why not combine the two into one all inclusive policy at no compromise to the level of cover. When taking a combined policy with, it tends to be a lot more cost effective than taking the two policies separately. A Combined Wheel policy is a feature packed policy designed to protect you from the financial effects of having an alloy wheel repaired or a tyre repaired or replaced.


Key Policy Features

  • 3 Claims Per Year (Tyres)
  • 3 Claims Per Year (Alloys)
  • No Excess to PayView Policy Terms & Conditions
  • £300 Replacement Contribution (Tyres)
  • £150 Repair Limit (Alloy Wheels)View Policy Keyfacts
  • Run Flat & Standard Tyres Covered
  • Diamond Cut, Laser Cut, Standard & Painted Alloys Covered

Why buy Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance?

Even the most careful of drivers may scuff or 'kerb' an alloy wheel. This can be very unsightly and even effect the valuation of the vehicle. The idea of the alloy wheel element of this policy is to take away the cost of having the alloy wheel repaired, whilst also protecting your no claims on your own motor insurance policy. With the average cost of repairing an alloy wheel averaging between £80 and £125 depending on the level of damage and the type of alloy wheel, this type of insurance can be very cost effective. This policy will pay up to £150 towards the cost of having the wheel repaired, with no excess for you to pay.


The tyre insurance element is slightly different, again designed to cover any accidental or malicious damage, however, if a puncture is not repairable, this policy will pay up to £300 towards the cost to replace it. With more and more manufacturers issuing models with run flat tyres and premium tyres, the cost to replace them like for like, can again be very costly. This policy is designed to take away the cost of having the tyre repaired or replaced.


We cover diamond and laser cut wheels ...

Diamond & Laser Cut Alloy Wheel Insurance - Total Loss Gap

Diamond and laser cut wheels are becoming the norm when purchasing a brand new vehicle from a number of premium manufacturers. The likes of BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Nissan all tend to issue vehicles with diamond cut wheels as standard, that said, a number of other manufacturers may also issue their models with this type of wheel as it does depend on the model. Most other policies available on the market may not cover diamond cut or laser cut wheels as the repair process is slightly more complicated than the standard alloy wheel.


Run flat tyres are also covered ...

This type of tyre is usually provided by BMW, however, similar to the diamond and laser cut wheels, a number of other manufacturers have also followed suit in offering them to customers. The idea of run flat tyres is great, the tyre will stay inflated for a certain number of miles, despite incurring a puncture. However, in the majority of cases, the tyre may then, not be repairable. This only increases the need for tyre insurance as you are more likely to need to replace the tyre, rather than have it repaired. Not only would you have to change the tyre in the event of a puncture, the cost of a run flat tyre is likely to be more than a standard tyre as well.


No excess for you to pay in the event of a claim ...

Many other policies will ask you pay the first amount towards making a claim, usually £10, however, at you don't have to pay any excess in the event of you making a claim. Another advantage of choosing for your Combined Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance is that you have the ability to make as many as 3 claims per year on each element, 3 claims per year on the tyres and 3 claims per year on the alloy wheels.


£300 replacement contribution for tyres ...

In the event of the tyre not being repairable, again more than likely with run flat tyres, we will contribute the first £300 towards the replacement of another equivalent specification of tyre. When making a claim within claims team hours, the claims team will direct you to your local tyre retailer on account, for example, the likes of National Tyres and Kwik Fit for the tyre to be repaired or replaced. Under those circumstances, you don't have to pay anything towards the cost of repairing or replacing the tyre providing the replacement cost is less than £300.


£150 maximum repair cost for alloy wheels ...

This policy will arrange for a remote repair to take place on your alloy wheel at your home address or place of work for example, however, we must highlight that the repair cost is limited to £150. This is somewhat of an industry standard limitation and something we expect you to find in most other alloy wheel insurance policies. Although, the limit is set at £150, we honestly don't expect the repair cost to be more than £150, that said, we do have to highlight that there is a maximum cost set.


Flexible cancellation options should you change your mind or vehicle ...

You have a full 30 day cooling off period with this policy, within this time you can consider the policy in full and if you do change your mind, providing you haven't attempted to make a claim, you can cancel the policy and obtain a full refund. If you are outside of the cooling off period of 30 days, you still have the option to cancel your policy and obtain a pro rata refund, however, you must not have attempted to make a claim or successfully made a claim before doing so. Therefore, if you have had to use the policy, unfortunately, we are unable to cancel the policy and issue a pro rata refund.


If you have recently collected a vehicle and are considering Tyre Insurance or Alloy Wheel Insurance, why not combine the two at a fraction of the cost of taking them separately, whilst having the same ability in the policy.


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