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Is Shortfall the Best Tyre Insurance you can buy?

That is a bold statement that a lot of suppliers claim to be and one that we don't think any provider can ever state with absolute cast iron confidence.

No one can ever be the best for everyone all the time it is impossible! 

The reason is that what is best for you may not be for someone else and vice versa.

So is Shortfall Tyre insurance the best you can buy? 

We can not guarantee that our level of tyre insurance will be the "best" for everyone as it will have eligibility criteria and may not be able to cover you. However, if you do qualify then we can let you know that our policies will be hard to beat not only in terms of policy features but also in terms of price.

No gimmicks, no promises we can not keep or slick marketing just policies that work and a value for money price.


Compare Shortfall Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

Have No Waiting Time your policy is live the moment that payment is made.

No extra cost to cover Run Flat , Standard, Low Profile and N Rated Tyres

Allow you to Claim Up To £300 per Tyre

Claim up to 5 tyres or £1500 during the policy which ever comes first

Uk based Underwriters and claims teams

Policies are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

No excess to pay when you make a claim.

Cover for tyres up to and including 22 inch.

Choose your prefered tyre supplier not our "pet" dealer group.

Unlimited Puncture repairs within your policy claim limit

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance Terms and Conditions.

Even with tyre and alloy wheel insurance, the devil is in the detail.

Not all tyre and alloy wheel policies are the same. They will however all have terms and conditions and it is important that you read them and understand what they may mean for you.

Equally what you will and will not be able to claim for. The last thing that we would ever want is for any policyholder to be anything less than 100% happy with any policy that they buy and tyre insurance is no exception.

The facts about Tyres you may not know?

Tyres are an integral part of your car, not only in appearance but safety, performance, fuel economy, and comfort.

Did you know???

1. Recent report states that Uk tyre sales will top £4.2 billion by 2022 ( report taken from Tech Science Research Sept 2022 ) 

2. Increased costs of Raw materials and Transportation have a huge impact on the cost of new tyres.

3. 50 million new tyres are supplied in the Uk each year (* information taken from British Tyre Manufactures Association Sept 2022 )

4. 48 % of all new tyres supplied in the Uk come from Europe *

5. 40% of tyres supplied in the Uk come from China *

6. 12% of New tyres come from Asia *

7. Tyre manufacturing is still the biggest user of natural rubber accounting for 70% of rubber sales.

8. Lego manufactures more tyres than any other tyre manufacturer in the world.

9. It will take approximately 50-80 years for your tyre to decompose.

10 . The largest tyre in the world was 24.4 metres tall and weighs a whopping 12 tons

We think that your tyres are the most unassuming part of your car but they are also one of the most important. They can also be extremely costly.

Why not click and see just how affordable Tyre and Alloy Wheel insurance can be?

What are tyres Made of ?

Tyres have a complex chemical formula and each tyre manufacturer will say that it is the specific ingredients that they use that make all the difference to how your tyre performs and even how long it will last. In fact, precise ratios and manufacturing techniques are a closely guarded secret.

According to the British tyre Manufacture's Association, your tyre is made up of 8 main elements they are  

1. Elastomer 42%,

2. Carbon black & silica 28%,

3. Steel 12%,

4. Oils 6%,

5. Textile 5%,

6. Zinc oxide 1%,

7. Sulphur 1%,

8. Other ingredients 5%

With premium tyres, it is not just a question of what they are made of but also how they are made and to what specifications.

Kwick fit states that a premium tyre can cost from £180- 340 and in some cases more.

Please remember that a tyre insurance policy can not stop you from having a puncture, it can not guarantee that your tyre specialist will have a tyre in stock, it can however make sure that you are not left having to foot the bill at a moment's notice.