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Shortfall Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance

Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance is a policy that combines scratch and dent insurance and alloy wheel insurance into one all-inclusive cost-efficient policy.

No dilution of cover, No waiting period if you buy the policy before you take delivery of your car, and no excess to pay.

Cars are meant to be driven, meant to be used and no matter how careful you are minor scuffs and bumps can happen. You can not wrap them in cotton wool. After all, you are not just relying on your driving or parking abilities you are relying on everyone else too. 

These bumps and scrapes can not only spoil the appearance of your car but also have a tangible effect on its value.

Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance can help protect you against the cost of these repairs in one easy-to-use, flexible policy.

Why not click or call and see just how inexpensive Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance can be?

Shortfall Smart Care & Alloy Wheel Insurance Features

No Waiting Period

With Shortfall Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance, if you buy your policy before you take delivery of your car, there is no waiting period. Please remember we cannot cover damage that happened before your policy was in place.

No Excess To Pay

Some providers' policies request that you pay an excess each and every time you make a claim.

You will be pleased to know that with our Shortfall Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel policy, there is absolutely no excess. 

Cover Diamond, Laser Cut, Painted & Powder Coated Alloy Wheels

Your policy can offer to cover a whole range of alloy wheels most providers can not, including powder coated, laser cut, painted and Diamond cut wheels.

Contribution Towards a Body Shop Repair

If we can not repair the damage then we will contribute towards the cost of a Bodyshop repair.

(Terms and conditions and claim limits apply please see your policy documents) 

14-Day Cooling Off Period

We all change our minds from time to time. If you change your mind and cancel your policy within the first 14 days, on the understanding that you have not made a claim, you will be given a full refund with no charges or fees deducted. 

We think that our Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance cover is genuinely one of the best levels of cover in the marketplace however it will have terms and conditions.

It offers flexibility and value for money and we have worked hard to ensure that it is as simple and all-inclusive as possible.

It will, however, just like any other insurance policy have exclusions and terms and conditions.

This means that it is important that you understand what your policy will and will not cover.

We think it is just as important to know what your policy won't cover as it is to know what it will cover. After all, the last thing we would ever want is for a policyholder to be unhappy or disappointed with the performance of any policy that they buy from us. 

With this in mind please always ensure that you read your policy documents before you buy. 

What we Wont Cover - For T&C please See Your Policy Documents.

Special Paint finishes

We can not cover cars with nonstandard paint. This means we can not offer cover for cars with  self-healing, Chrome illusion, two-tone, Matt , Satin or custom paint finishes

Paint Protection

We can not cover the cost of reapplication of any paint protection such as life shine, diamond bright, Gard X, Supagard, Scotchgard ceramic coatings and films.

Areas of Glass

We can not cover any glass elements on your car. This would include but is not limited to windscreens, headlights, wing mirrors, side lights, windows, and indicator lenses.

Body Work Decals

We can not cover the cost of replacing any sign writing applied to your car. We also can not cover the replacement of bodywork decals, stickers, strips or vinyl wraps.

Cover Outside the Uk

We can not cover damage that happens outside the territorial limits (For the purposes of Smart Care this is classed as the UK, the Channel islands or the Isle of Mann).