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Scratch & Dent Insurance | Cosmetic Repair Insurance | Smart Insurance

Scratch and Dent Insurance is specifically designed to cover the cost of repairing the body panels of your vehicle as a result of minor body damage.

The aim of Scratch and Dent insurance is to offer a quick and effective repair to the damage of your vehicle, which will be carried out by our approved repairer, using pioneering forms of refurbishment and repair techniques.

Our Scratch and Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance builds on standard levels of scratch and dent cover and adds additional features which cover your alloy wheels, meaning more flexibility, more cover, and we think more value for more. 

Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance

Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Insurance combines Scratch and Dent and alloy wheel insurance into one flexible policy offering the potential to make more claims as well as having the option to have a body shop contribution. Helping to keep your car showroom ready.

No waiting periods and no excess to pay.  

Please remember that your policy will not cover damage that has already happened. 

Accidents happen, scratches happen, and alloy wheels get damaged. No matter how careful you can not control the actions of others. Bodywork and alloy wheel damage can not only change the appearance of your car but can also have a negative impact on any part exchange or resale value. 

Scratch & Dent & Alloy wheel insurance can help protect you against the cost of the repairs and repairs are not cheap.

Did you know that ...

1. Check a Trade say the average cost of a repair to an alloy wheel is £115.

2. A scuff on a diamond cut wheel could cost as much as £120.

3. The cost for powder-coated alloy wheels can be even more 

4. Dent Devils say that the average cost to repair a " non Complex Dent and Ding is between £120- £200.

5. Check a Trade also say that the average cost for a light surface scratch is between £70 and £110.

6. They also say that paintwork damage can cost between £120 - £180

* Information is taken from Check a Trade and Dent Devils website Sept 2022.

Key Scratch & Dent & Alloy Wheel Features

Your Policy will allow you to claim for;

1. Up to 10 bodywork/scratch claims during your policy to a maximum value of £2500
2. Up to 10 alloy wheel claims during your policy to a maximum value of £1500
3. No waiting period***
4. Damage up to 30cm in length & 3mm in depth
5. Dents less than 30cm in diameter and 3mm in depth
6. Pay up to £150 to cosmetically repair your alloy wheel
7. Pay up to £450 for a mobile repair for damage on two joining panels for mobile repair
8. Pay up to £250 for a mobile repair for damage on one panel
9. No excess to pay
10. Pay up to £250 towards a body shop repair (terms and conditions apply)
11. Pay up to £150 if your alloy wheel is beyond cosmetic repair.
12. Cover for Diamond, Lazer, Painted, and Powder Coated Wheels

For a full list of terms and conditions please see your policy documents below

Key Exclusions - What your policy wont cover.

Your policy will not cover 

1. Cars with self-healing paint
2. Chrome illusion paint
3. Two-tone paint
4. Matt or satin paint finishes
5. Wear and tear or corrosion
6. Theft of your alloy wheels
7. Split rim alloy wheels
8. Reapplication of paint protection e.g life shine
9. Damage to headlights, glass, or tyres
10. Damage not reported within 30 days
11. Damage not classed as minor body damage (please see terms and conditions)
12. Cracked Plastic Bumpers or Panels

For a full list of terms and conditions please see your policy documents below