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We're currently unable to provide quotes for GAP insurance

Unfortunately, we're currently unable to provide quotes for GAP insurance policies or honour existing quotations you may have received.

What has happened to Gap insurance?

In February the FCA requested that over 80% of the GAP Insurance market to be paused.

We were allowed to continue.

However, they have now ordered that all sales of GAP Insurance be suspended industry-wide. Our 'pause' in sales will start at 00:00 on the 15th May 2024.

As yet the FCA has not provided any timescale when the pause may come to an end.

We hate to let you down, but this situation is beyond our control and something we never wanted to have to do.

So please rest assured we will continue to do everything within our power to ensure the pause is as short as possible.

Existing policies

GAP Insurance policies already running will remain in force and are unaffected by the pause in sales.

If you have a current policy and are changing your vehicle, please contact us on 0151 647 7556 as subject to eligibility we may be able to transfer your cover.

What we can offer

Smart Care, Excess, Tyre Insurance, Complete Wheel and Scratch and Dent policies are still available and unaffected.