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What are N rated Tyres

N Rated Tyres are supplied as far as we know by only one manufacturer, Porsche. 

Porsche design and build some of the most stunning and high-performance vehicles anywhere and as such they are very particular about what tyres are used. Ultimately it is your tyres that are the only part of your vehicle which are in constant contact with the road. They are the real unsung heroes of safety. After all, no matter of additional safety features cannot work if the car is not securely in contact with the road surface. 

Porsche but huge investments into the design of their vehicles and the tyres are no exception. This means that to be able to supply N Rated tyres the tyre manufacturer has to be closely involved with Porsche and the research and development as well as the engineering stages.  This is so that the tyres can complement the road handling and performance. 

N Rated Tyers have a rating from 0-4.

This will normally be stamped into the side wall of your tyre and is a clear indication that the tyre has been tested and verified by Porsche themselves are safe to use on your Porsche, while not compromising the safety, drive or performance or your Porsche.

Porsche recommends having the same N rating on the same axle. For example N-1 of the front and perhaps for illustration purposes N-3 on the rear. You can fit non-N rated Tyres to your Porsche but why would you? After all wouldn't you want your Porsche to have better performance and handling and who best to make that call than the manufacturer themselves?