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Where are shortfall based?

Shortfall is based in Historical Hamilton Square.

In 1801 this part of the had a population of just 110. Liverpool just a shortf ferry ride away was booming. William Laird saw opportunity due to the proximity of Liverpool Docklands and the availability of cheap land. He developed a boiler works just north of Woodside and later a ship building yard. By 1831 the population had expanded it just under three thousand. Lairds plans for development thankfully did not stop and he arranged for respected arckhict Gillespie Graham to design a whole town to feed the industrialisation.

Graham had been told to base his inspiration on Edinburgh's New Town which at the time was heralded as a success of momentous scale. Hamilton Square was to be the jewel in the crown of Birkenhead and was situated where it would get the best views of the Liverpool waterfront as well as have excellent transport links. Work started on the Sqaure in 1825 and we are led to believe that construction of our building started in 1835.

Today Hamilton Square has the highest density of Grade one listed buildings second only to Trafalgar Square London. We know that we are very previlidged to be in such a beautiful place and are proud to be intergrated in to the local business community.