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Alloy Wheel Insurance | Diamond Cut Alloys

Standard, Diamond Cut, Laser Cut and Painted Wheels Covered


Most manufacturers will now issue vehicles with diamond cut wheels as standard, however, finding a form of alloy wheel insurance for diamond cut wheels can be challenging. Look no further, at our Alloy Wheel Insurance policy will cover diamond cut wheels, as well as standard, laser cut and painted wheels.


As diamond cut wheels have become more prominent in the market, repairers have been forced to develop the technology and skill to offer a remote repair. That said, there are still circumstances with both diamond cut wheels and standard wheels, where a remote repair may not be feasible. This does depend on the level of damage. If a remote repair is not available, there may be alternative options available.


The likes of Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW all tend to issue their vehicles with diamond cut wheels as standard, however, depending on the specific model, they may also be standard or painted wheels. Not to worry, an Alloy Wheel Insurance policy with will cover the wheels either way.


Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Insurance

Alloy Wheel Insurance Key Features

  • 3 Claims Per 12 Month Period
  • No Excess to Pay
  • £150 Maximum Repair Benefit Per Claim
  • Mobile Repair (E.g Home or Work) 
  • Diamond Cut, Laser Cut, Standard & Painted Wheels Covered
  • Upto 22" Inch Wheels are Covered.

'With no excess to pay in the event of a claim and the ability to make as many as 9 claims over a three year term, Alloy Wheel Insurance really can be a cost effective option for you.'

Can you buy Alloy Wheel Insurance?

When buying Alloy Wheel protection from you have to fit a select number of criteria in order to be eligible for a policy. Please see below a list of criteria you have to fit in order to purchase a policy.

  1. Your vehicle is a Car
  2. You have to have purchased your vehicle within the last 30 days
  3. You have purchased your vehicle from a VAT Registered Garage or Main Dealership
  4. You use your vehicle for Social, Domestic & Pleasure Inc Commuting
  5. Your car is less than 8 years old and has less than 80,000 miles on the clock
  6. Your car is not one of the excluded manufacturers.

Being part of Aequitas Automotive Ltd, we have access to a number of different brands that offer a form of Alloy Wheel protection. With our brand, we also offer a form of protection for diamond cut alloy wheels, however, the policy does have more capabilities when it comes to repairing diamond cut wheels.


With diamond cut wheels, it is a much more complex repair method and in some cases the wheel may need to be sent away in order for the repair to take place. A Alloy Wheel policy would only offer a remote repair and if the wheel cannot be repaired remotely, unfortunately there is no alternative method. That said, with a Total Loss Gap Alloy Wheel Insurance policy, you have the ability to send the wheel away to a central repair location or look at alternative repair methods, if applicable. This extra ability does come at an extra cost, but if it gives you the peace of mind you need, then it is worth the difference in price.


Making an Alloy Wheel Insurance Claim