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Aston Martin to build SUV


Aston Martin have recently signed a deal with Mercedes performance arm, AMG, which will see the Mercedes owned firm supply the subsequently British brand with Engines amongst other technological features. It seems that with this deal has come another one, that will see the new Aston Martin SUV model built on the Mercedes GL platform.


The Aston Martin brand had one of the most unsuccessful years in the market in the last 12 months and has publicly criticised the way certain models have been marketed across the global market. The Aston Martin firm applauded the marketing techniques used by rivals Jaguar Land Rover with the likes of the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque.


The Range Rover Evoque model has achieved a lot of admirers across the globe and allowed the brand to venture into emerging markets such as the Chinese and US. Aston Martin believe that penetration of emerging markets such as the Indian and the Chinese will help the brand claw back some of the market share and profit lost last time out.


The new Aston Martin SUV model may be entering the market as early as 2017 but will not be marketed under the Mercedes or AMG badging. The deal between AMG and Aston will see the brand supplied with some of the most powerful V8 engines on the market.


Its also believed that Mercedes may be very much interested in being part of a deal with the electric car manufacturer Tesla. Mercedes will be looking to rival the developments seen at BMW in the electric car market and the Tesla deal may be very much ideal for both parts.


Aston Martin rivals, Jaguar, are also set to release a new SUV model which achieved a considerable amount of press at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The Baby Jaguar SUV was one of the stand out models on show and has been part of the marketing techniques used by Range Rover.


It will be very interesting to see the pair of luxury car manufacturers, Aston Martin and Jaguar to go head to head in the SUV market.