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Beijing Motor Show 2014 – Preview


Motor shows are a very important contributor to the automotive world as they look to drum up and develop interest for certain models in the car market. If a model achieves a number of headlines and a considerable amount of interest then the model is more than likely going to be successful.


On the other hand, if the model does not achieve the headlines or interest then it could force the manufacturer to question whether or not the model makes production. The Beijing Motor Show is one of the biggest motor shows in the world and has had a number of successful models debut at the show in the past.


This year we can expect models such as the new Audi Q4 and the Bentley hybrid to take a considerable amount of interest due to the design and build of both models. Other models such as the the DS SUV model at Citroen and the new Exalt coupe model at Peugeot are also tipped to make big waves in the market.


Also, this week there has been a number of images leaked online which seem to show that the Citroen manufacturer have developed a new crossover model that may have been specifically designed for the Chinese car market.


Lexus have confirmed that they will be bringing a new 4x4 model to the Beijing based show. The new model is set to go up against fierce competition in the form the Audi Q5 and the Range Rover Evoque.


As well as the new Crossover and SUV models at Citroen, the French manufacturer are also set to expand the very successful DS range with a new DS 5 Saloon model. However, it is believed that the model will not make it to the UK car market for a number of years despite growing interest in the saloon model.


Honda are also set to increase the number of models on sale in emerging market such as the Chinese car market. The Japanese manufacturer will bring the new CR-Z concept model to the Beijing Motor Show in an attempt to build demand for the compact sport coupe model.