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The Los Angeles motor show of 2014 is just one day away and the excitement around the car industry is at an all time high right now. Many car brands will be represented at the event this year with one of the most luxurious companies displaying a new model being British car manufacturer Bentley. Bentley motors are one of the finest car brands in the world and are one of the most popular when it comes to designing a vehicle that benefits from a vast range of power and comfort combined. The brand however have just revealed a brand new concept model which is all set to go on display this week and it comes your way in the shape and form of the brand new Grand Convertible. Along with an image of what the vehicle will look like, the firm have also announced some of the features regarding the power source for the vehicle and what performance rates you can expect to get out of this car.


A look into the specialties and specifications of the Bentley Grand Convertible

So now we cast our attention to the brand new features that will find a place in Bentleys concept model and why you should be excited for a public reveal of this car. We first take a look into the power and performance that the car benefits from which we think is nothing short of amazing. We first see that the British firm have included the fitting of a 6.75 litre, V8,Twin turbo charged engine unit. The same engine can be found in the firms Mulsanne and Mulsanne speed models. Thanks to this engine, an overall power deliverance of 530 brake horse power has been confirmed for the car. A 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint is expected to come in at around 4.9 seconds much like it does in the Mulsanne.


From the images that have been revealed of the vehicle, we see that it comes in a liquid metal paint scheme in Blue and it also features that large front grille that we know and love from Bentley. Inside of the vehicle however will receive White leather upholstery with Blue stitching and the Bentley logo embroided into the seats. For many years now Bentley have been on form in the same leagues as sports car brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, a convertible machine like this could also not just keep them in the hunt but perhaps even a bigger contender on the market in terms of appeal.


What are the chances of the Grand Convertible making it into production?

It is not known at this moment in time as to whether the vehicle will be seeing a future release onto our roads. It is however believed that if the vehicle is to make the production line, it will only be offered in limited numbers. Bentley have stated that “We are eagerly awaiting the response of our customers to this car. We will ensure that this car if it reaches the roads,will be a highly exclusive,extremely limited collectors piece”. Expect to see your first glimpse of this vehicle in the flesh from the LA motor show this week.