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Each year we see brand new developments in the car industry which go on to define a generation. Over the past number of years vehicles such as the Qashqai have defined the SUV market around the world which has grown rapidly. City cars have been made quicker as demonstrated by the VXR Corsa from Vauxhall and the recently spied more powerful Peugeot 308. We have also seen features expand over the years anywhere from sat nav systems to laser light technology in both BMW and Audi machines. Each year the automotive industry certainly moves forward and both this year and next are certainly proving to be no different. So today here at Shortfall, we have put together a list of five brand new 2015 vehicles from various manufacturers to keep an eye on prior to their official release date. A vast range of manufacturers are represented here today varying from SUV models to sports cars, right the way up to executive vehicles. 2014 has been a very successful year for the car industry across European markets and other parts of the world. Just earlier on this year it was confirmed that the Ford Fiesta has officially become the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom of all time. Other vehicles have also grown over the years with 2014 being a good year for them such as the flagship Golf model from German manufacturer Volkswagen which holds the record for the most units sold on European markets for the first six months of this year. If this year is anything to go by, next year could be even bigger. So without further or do, lets take a look at five of the most anticipated vehicles for 2015.


Five vehicles of 2015 to keep an eye out for


  1. The Mercedes C Class 2015


So the first vehicle to make it into our countdown today is a model that for many years now has proven to be one of the key selling line ups from the Mercedes brand all around the world. The very first version of this car was first brought into the world back in 1993 and is today still proving to be just as successful as it was then. The vehicle we are referring to is of course the Mercedes Benz C Class. We have seen a grand total of four different generations of this car go on sale over the years with one of the latest being launched earlier this year. With a look into what we can expect from the brand new addition for 2015 though,we see that Mercedes have confirmed the fitting of a range of engines which will be available with the car from the time of launch. These engine line ups to come along with the car include the likes of 2.0 litre,four cylinder,turbocharged engine which will see a power development of 235bhp. Your alternative choices in the line up consist of a 3.0 litre,V6 turbocharged unit and a seven speed automatic transmission system will come along with both engine ranges. Shortly after the vehicles launch, Mercedes have confirmed that the addition of a 4.0 litre, V8,Twin turbo engine will be up for sale. A number of technology features have also been confirmed to come along with the car which have previously been used in the brands E and S Class sedan models. Some of these added technology features include the likes of steering assistance and a lane keep assist.


4. The Subaru WRX STI


This vehicle is definitely one of the most exciting new additions for next year. The Subaru WRX/Impreza is certainly a vehicle that has made an impact since the very first version of the car was launched onto our streets back in 1992. It has been a car that has for many years proven to be the number one source of competition for the Mitsubishi brand and their Evolution model. The reason we find the arrival of the new WRX for 2015 exciting is because production of the vehicle here in the UK was withdrawn a number of years ago. The interest in gaining the addition of the car on European markets again though has been that high and a good exchange rate on the vehicle has been able to bring this brand new model back to us here in the United Kingdom. This brand new version of the car for 2015 which has already gone on sale,sees the inclusion of a 2.5 litre,four cylinder,boxer turbo engine which combined with the standard six speed manual transmission system sees a power deliverance of 296 brake horse power. A total top speed of 159 miles per hour comes along with the returning WRX which is helped to reach this target by the 5.2 seconds in which it takes this car to hit the 62mph speed area from the get go. The new WRX also comes along with a four wheel drive system. A direct fuel injection system has also been included with the WRX during production time. The brand new STI model is officially available to purchase right now from your local Subaru dealership and we are pleased to inform you that the purchase price to come along with this car comes in at a total of £28,995.


3. The BMW X5 M


Reaching the top three spots in our countdown today, we see the addition of a vehicle that will go on sale from later on this year and is a much more powerful and finely tuned version of the BMW brands X5. It is being marketed under the name of the X5M and could prove to be one of the big sellers for the mass manufacturer heading into next year. The M range will carry over to the X6 model also which will be launched at the same time. Now regarding some of the work that has been done to the vehicle to help provide a much more unique driving experience and powerful put out, we see that BMW will offer just the one engine choice across the line up which will consist of a 4.4 litre Twin Turbo V8 engine with a power deliverance of around the 600 brake horse power area. An eight speed automatic transmission system will also come along with both the X5M and the X6M as standard. The chassis of the car has also been finally tuned to help the vehicle out when it comes to a much more smoother driving experience overall. There are many SUV markets that could go head to head with these M vehicles from BMW in regards to power and performance rates and some of these vehicles come in the form of the Range Rover Sport,the Porsche Cayenne turbo and the Mercedes ML63 AMG. The vehicle range is expected to go on sale this year with a price tag to come along with the vehicles coming in at around the £55,000 area here in the United Kingdom and across other European markets too.


2. Audi A4 2015


Next up just coming in at the runner up spot is the addition of a vehicle that has proven to be a big selling car for the Audi brand for the past twenty years. The A4 was first introduced around the world back in 1994 and has since then had four generations of the car go on sale. The manufacturer behind the car have confirmed that this brand new version of the car will arrive later on this year and is being marketed as a 2015 model. This addition from Audi will offer new engine choices both here in the UK and in America too. As far as the engine ranges go for here in the UK it has been confirmed that a line up of both four and six cylinder petrol and diesel engines will come along whereas over in the states a 2.0 litre turbo petrol and diesel line up will be unleashed. It has also been confirmed that both front and four wheel drive variants of the car will be made available from the time of launch and some all new electronic gadgets will also receive a place in the new A4. LED lighting and all new lightweight materials will make this A4 one of the easiest and comfortable driving experiences that Audi will have on offer. It is expected that the car will be revealed in the flesh from next month at the Paris motor show and an expected price tag of around the £23,960 area is expected to be announced.


1. The Hyundai Genesis 2015


So now we reach our number one spot in the most anticipated vehicles of 2015. This model being marketed under the year of 2015 has just recently officially gone on sale across the country and around other various parts of the world too. The vehicle we are of course referring to here is perhaps the best selling vehicle that the Korean manufacturer Hyundai has ever had on offer and it makes it's way to us in the manner of the Genesis. This version of the car officially marks the vehicles second generation model which sees some new changes made to the car which include new interior and exterior changes and also differences made to the pieces of equipment that come along with the car. So with a look into what kind of power this car packs and how well the vehicle will actually perform on our streets, we see that the Hyundai brand have included the fitting of the original Hyundai Genesis engines into the second generation which include a 3.8 litre V6 unit and a 5.0 litre V8 engine also being your alternative choice. Power on the engine line up has now been upgraded though meaning the V6 engine range will deliver on 311 brake horse power whereas the V8 Unit will benefit from 420 bhp. An eight speed,automatic transmission system comes along with the Genesis range with paddle shifters and the option of a four wheel drive system is also made available across the line up as an optional extra.


Some brand new technology features also find their way into the second generation Genesis which come with the inclusions of a lane keep assist system,automatic braking and perhaps the biggest technology advancement coming in the form of the cars brand new Google Glass integration. The price tag to come along with the brand new Genesis comes in at a figure of £40,000.


Will 2015 prove to be just as successful for the car industry ?


With some of the vehicles listed above already on sale across various countries world wide they are already proving to be key selling cars for their respective manufacturers and could prove to be key contenders on the hunt for the top spot throughout the course of 2015. Car technology and advancements are certainly being made as the years go by and we strongly believe that with the Paris motor show coming up next month, we are all set to see a brand new glimpse into the future of our car industry around the world.