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Formula 1 2014


As we at Shortfall are heavily interested in the automotive and motor sport industry, we plan on bringing you the latest and greatest news from new cars, new bikes and the goings on in the Formula 1 world.


The Formula 1 season kicked off just less than two weeks ago and whipped up a storm at the Australian grand prix. A number of teams faced new and different problems from the change in engine and technology. Current world champion, Sebastian Vettel, retired after just five laps following complaints to the team over lost power and drive. This marked a trend set by Renault engined teams as other supplied teams reported little or no problems.


A similar situation occurred over at the Mercedes team as driver Lewis Hamilton retired after just three laps with a similar problem. British driver Lewis Hamilton qualified in pole position and was expected to go on and dominate, however, team mate Nico Rosberg had the better start and immediately took the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton towards the first corner.


It has been well documented that the changes in the sport have changed the sport completely and in fact a number of people have questioned whether the sport has been changed for the better or for worse.


Most recently, Bernie Ecclestone who owns Formula 1 announced that he had a personal issue with the sound of the new V6 engines as it does not sound like the standard Formula 1 engine. The change from V8 engines to V6 engines was one welcomed within the sport as it replicates the changes made within the automotive industry outside of the sport.


This weekend will see the return of the sport in Malaysia. The Malaysian grand prix is said to be one of the toughest races on the calendar and many of the teams and drivers will be hoping to try out new parts and developments, with others just hoping to complete their first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season.