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New Jeep Concepts


The Jeep brand is now owned by the Fiat group who have somewhat struggled over the last number of years. However, now that they have the majority control of the Chrysler Group they have decided to push all brands including the likes of Jeep, Abarth and Alfa Romeo.


There is still some confusion surrounding the latest roadster model which has been constructed alongside the new Mazda Mx-5. It was first announced that the new model will be a part of the Alfa Romeo range and may even take on the name of the Spyder. However, in the last number of months there has been a certain amount of uncertainty after it was rumoured that the Fiat brand may have changed their mind and decided to award the model to the Abarth brand.


More recently, the Jeep brand have released two new teaser images of the Wrangler and Cherokee concepts which seemed to have taken on a more sporty look. In the past couple of years the crossover and SUV car markets have been amongst a fair few car markets which have increased in popularity.


A number of new brands have been added to the SUV car market and others have focused on car markets that appeal to the same motorist. For example, the Cherokee model at Jeep has a similar look and feel to it, to that of the Audi Q7. The Audi Q7 model has been amongst the most successful models in the SUV car market which makes it promising for the Cherokee model at Jeep.


On the other hand, the new Jeep Wrangler concept model seems to have taken on more of a 4x4 off road look to the model rather than going down the luxury and comfort route. It is believed that the Fiat brand have even bigger plans for the Jeep brand after announcing that a further four models will join the Wrangler and Cherokee models in production over the next couple of weeks.