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We no longer offer Key Insurance at Shortfall!


Key Insurance is a very useful insurance that we found to be very a popular product sold online. However, due to the amount of fraudulent claims on the insurance, we were forced to remove the product from the online market.


As of 01/08/2014 the Key Insurance product was removed from Shortfall. Policies purchased before this date will not be affected and will remain live and in place. At the end of the policy period, we will not offer you the opportunity to renew the policy with Shortfall.


The information provided on this page has been provided to inform website visitors of the product and help them make an informed choice on whether they could benefit from this form of insurance, even if it is from another provider.

Key insurance is a very easy, simple and straight forward policy to understand.


If you lose your keys or they are stolen then it will pay up to £1500 towards the cost of replacing them and associated costs, like car hire and onward travel.


Anyone who has ever lost their keys will know that once the initial panic has subsided there is then the cold harsh reality of trying to make sure that you vehicle or home is still safe and secure. 


Please remember that you will most likely not of just lost one key but perhaps a bunch and this can mean that the cost to you with out any form of protect could be hundreds of pounds, this is exactly where Key Insurance could help.


While having the insurance itself will not stop your keys from being stolen or from you losing them it can however help will the financial worry. Remember up to £1500 of cover for just £34.95 per year. That covers you and any family member in your household, and your keys do not even have to be attached to a fob.

What will your Shortfall Key Insurance Policy do for you?


Below is an example of what would be covered under a Shortfall Key Insurance policy, however, as stated previously on this page we no longer offer the product. The following information is to help our website visitors gain an understanding of the product before purchasing elsewhere. Under the plan selected on your proposal form, we can pay up to the amount shown on the proposal form, inclusive of VAT towards:


1. A repairer to gain entry to your home, office or insured vehicle and make secure the point of entry if keys are accidentally lost or stolen, locked within your home, office or insured vehicle, or accidentally broken within the lock of your home, office or insured vehicle. 


2. The cost of replacing keys to your home, office or insured vehicle if the keys are stolen, accidentally lost or broken within a lock of your home, office or insured vehicle. 


3. The cost of replacing locks, including fitting, if the keys to your home, office or insured vehicle(s) are stolen or accidentally lost together with any details of your home address and/or your insured vehicle(s) registration number(s). 


4. Recovery for you and your insured vehicle to your home address within the geographical limits, or to the nearest suitable dealer, if we cannot gain entry to your insured vehicle. The choice of suitable dealer will be at our discretion. 


5. The cost of a hire-car and other reasonable transportation charges for a maximum of three days subject to our prior approval if you are stranded or your insured vehicle is unusable as a result of lost, stolen or broken keys. We will arrange and pay for rental charge of a Group A vehicle, collision damage waiver and any necessary drop-off charge, but you will remain responsible for the cost of any fuel used, any top up necessary at the time the hire-car is returned and any excess applicable to damage caused to the hire-car. 


In the case of lost keys or keys locked within an insured vehicle, home or office, we may, at our discretion choose to make alternative arrangements to obtain the duplicate key. 


If we are called three times in any 12 month period of key insurance, any subsequent incident(s) shall not be insured, and assistance shall be provided for a few advised at the time a claim is made. 

How to make a Key Insurance claim?


If you've purchased a policy before 01/08/2014 on Shortfall and you need to make a Key Insurance claim then please contact the Claims administrator: Qdos Broker & Underwriting Services Limited, Qdos Court, Rossendale Road, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, LE9 7LY. 

Telephone: 01455 852 113


Household Keys

To make a claim please call: 01455 852078


Motor Vehicle Keys

To make a claim please call 01455 852079




You must report any claim within 30 days of the insured event. 


UK General Insurance Limited are an agent of Ageas Insurance Limited and in the matters of a claim act on behalf of Ageas Insurance Limited. 

Please note there is a 14 day 'waiting' period from the day you purchase the policy. During this time no claim can be made on the policy.

Eligible Vehicles(s): Vehicles owned by or the responsibility of the policyholder or his/her immediate family, 


The criteria below was the eligibility criteria for our Shortfall Key Insurance policy and may be similar to other Key Insurance policies you have been considering. As stated on other parts of this page, we no longer offer the Key Insurance product and have provided the following information to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you would benefit from purchasing a similar product.


Cars; motorcycles, motorised caravans; light commercial vehicles; estate cars; 4x4 sport utility vehicles; towed caravans or trailers of proprietary make;


Not used by you for hire or reward;


Registered in the geographical limits and normally kept at the policyholder's home address;


In good condition and legally roadworthy immediately prior to the insured incident;


Maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations


Each not exceeding (including any load carried) the following gross vehicle weight and dimensions: 3500 kg, length 7m, height 3m, width 2.25m (excluding motorhomes).


Carrying not more than the number of persons recommended by the manufacturer and for whom seats are available, with a maximum of eight persons, including the driver. 


Vehicles up to 7 years or 75,000 miles at inception. 

If during the period of insurance and within the territorial limits, an insured key is accidentally lost, damaged or stolen, the claims administrator will:


Pay up to £1,500 in respect of locksmiths charges, new locks (if a security risk has arisen) and replacement keys (including any immobiliser, infra-red handset and/or alarm which is integral to any insured key if it cannot be repaired or re-programmed), car hire and onward transport costs and the re-programming of immobilsers, infra-red handsets and alarms which are attached to the insured key(s) at the time of the insured event but are not integral to an insured key.


Pay a £10 reward to the finder of a lost insured key. 


Provide an emergency helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


 All family members who reside at your address covered


No requirement for keys to be attached to a supplied fob

We will not indemnify you in respect of:


Any amount which exceeds £1,500 in total in any one period of insurance. 


Sums claimed where you do not produce receipts or invoices for payments you have made. 


Insured keys which are lost until 5 days have elapsed since the loss (unless the claims administrator is satisfied that a delay would cause undue hardship or significant expense); Also any claim made within 14 days of purchasing the policy.


Insured keys lost or broken by, or stolen from, someone other than you;


Insured keys if you have access to duplicate keys;


Any insured event not reported to the claims administrator within 30 days of the accidental loss, theft or accidental damage. 


Locks which are damaged prior to the accidental loss, theft, or accidental damage of insured keys; 


Replacement locks of keys of a higher standard or specification than those replaced;


Sums exceeding £50 per incident in respect of any insured key(s) locked inside a property or broken in a lock or ignition;


Vehicle hire charges where a hire vehicle exceeds 1600cc


The balance of vehicle hire charges over a maximum sum of £40 per day


Vehicle hire charged after the third day of hire'


Charges or costs incurred where the claims administrator arranges for the attendance of a locksmith or other tradesman, agent or representative at a particular location and you fail to attend;


Charges or costs incurred where you make alternative arrangements with a third party after the claims administrator has arranged for a locksmith or other tradesman, agent or representative to attend a particular location. 


The balance of transport costs over a maximum sum of £75 per day


Loss or destruction of, or damage to, any property other than an insured key and its associated lock or ignition system, and any immobiliser, infra-red handset and/or alarm attached to the insured key;


Loss or damage caused by radiation, radioactive contamination or the hazardous properties of any explosive, corrosive, invasive or toxic substance or material;


Loss or damage caused by war, invasion, foreign enemy hostilities (where war is declared or not), civil war, terrorism, rebellion, revolution, military force or coup, or the actions of any lawful government or public or local authority. 


Any loss of earnings or profits which you suffer as a result of the accidental loss, theft, or accidental damage to an insured key;


Claims arising from any deliberate or criminal act or omission by you;


Accidental loss, theft of, or accidental damage to an insured key which occurred outside the period of insurance. 


Claims arising as a result of your failure to take steps to safeguard an insured key.