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Kia Optima


The Kia company famous for models such as the Rio and the Ceed have achieved much success over the years and have certainly proven to know what goes into a good all round city car. Many Kia models on the road right now are smaller designed vehicles but with the all new Optima model, it has proven to be much of a different story. The Optima model is slightly larger than previous additions to the Kia range and we think that this could very well be the ideal vehicle for you and your family if something spacious and power based is indeed what you are looking for.


Kia Optima performance figures


The new Optima model will be powered by the 1.7 litre turbo diesel engine which will help boost the car through 0 to 62mph in a good steady time of just 10.2 seconds. This of course helps push the Optima to a very impressive top speed capability of 125 miles per hour. Thanks to the 1.7 litre engine, we see the car produce a grand amount of 134bhp with 325NM of Torque also being developed. The Optima is made available as a front wheel drive variant only and it does come fully fitted with a six speed transmission system as the standard.


Some standard features that also come along as part of the package also come to light in the form of a 12 speaker sound system, a reversing camera, a dual zone climate control system, leather seats that are heated and a seven inch sat-nav system too.


What's the cost of a brand new Kia Optima?

The official price tag that comes along with a brand new version of this car currently comes in at a total of £21,895 and we are pleased to inform you of the good news that this specific model can be purchased right now from you local Kia dealership/showroom.