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Mazda 2 Tamura


Some of the latest vehicle release news today, and we cast our attention firmly to the Japanese manufacturer Mazda and the all new release of the Mazda 2 Tamura mode which is officially on sale right now. The Mazda brand have always been notorious for designing sports and family style cars of the highest standards. We have seen them demonstrate there desire to produce perfect all round models in the past with additions such as the MX 5 and the Mazda 6.


This new Mazda 2 Tamura model benefits from some good all round power and comfort and we believe that whether you're just looking for a family sized vehicle or something ideal when it comes getting from A to B, this specific report could come in very handy for you when it comes down to making a decision.


Let's help you along with the decision

Could this be the perfect vehicle for you and your family? Well, we will take a look into the engine before we check out the gadgets and technology. We see the use of two separate petrol engine choices here with the first coming your way as a a 1.3 litre and the second a 1.5. The 1.3 litre variant comes with a manual transmission system whereas the 1.5 litre variant comes with an automatic transmission.


Between 83bhp and 102 brake horsepower are produced between the two different variants. There is plenty of boot space and interior space alike with the Tamura and we some gadgets and technology come into play also. Some of these neat touches consist of Air conditioning as standard, a leather steering wheel and gear stick, audio controls and an all new trip computer take a bow inside the Tamura.


With these features in mind, we see this city car as the ideal piece of competition for the Ford Fiesta, the Toyota Yaris and the Suzuki Swift.


What's the cost of both Tamura variants?

The 1.5 litre model of the Mazda 2 Tamura is on sale right now for a cost of around £12,000 whereas, the 1.8 litre variant model can be driven away today for a cost of around £13,000 which comes with the automatic transmission system.