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Supercar manufacturer, McLaren, have been working hard these past few years, producing a new model every year. Releasing the MP4-12C in 2011, the 12C Spider in 2012, the P1 in 2013 and the recent 650S in 2014. Their streak of producing a new model each year doesn't seem to be about to end, with the manufacturer already having a new 'entry level' model in the works.


The McLaren P15


The new model is internally codenamed as 'P15' and the company aim for it to rival the new Porsche 911 when it reaches production. The P15 calls for a new flagship model, capping the company's line up once the P1 finishes it's limited production run. Considering it is aimed to sit between the P1 and 650S models, the new P15 is likely to hold a price tag in the neighbourhood of £400,000 when it goes on sale.


When the P15 does reach production, it is likely to use some form or another of the M838T engine and seven speed DCT which McLaren developed with Ricardo to power the rest of the atomaker's line up.


How can McLaren produce a new supercar each year?


The company manages to keep up with the task of producing a new model each year by simply keeping the underneath the same. All their models are based on the same carbon monocoque structure and powered by the same 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 mated to a seven speed dual clutch transmission driving the rear wheels. The main difference between the models is what the engineers in the Woking plant decide to build around monocoque and how the engine is tuned.


McLaren have confirmed that the new P15 will be built on the same achitecture but while C/D, noting the renewed Formula One partnership between the two, suggests that it could incorporate some measure of Honda powertrain technology, McLaren has dismissed the prospect as pure speculation.


The company's Communications Director, Wayne Bruce, commented, “The focus of the Honda and McLaren relationship right now is very much on racing.”


The company says that the McLaren P15 model is still “quite a way off”.