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Mercedes not to use three cylinder engines in larger models


Mercedes Benz have been focusing on fuel saving technology and engine refinements and believe that the current offerings of three cylinder engines at the firm would pose too many compromises.


The three cylinder engines have earned the firm a reputation in the market for both quality and speed. However, the firm insist that a significant amount of refinement and added technology would only give the engine an insignificant amount of fuel savings.


A number of experiments have been carried out by Mercedes which have included the three cylinder engines, but it was found that a considerable amount of vibration and therefore a loss of energy would compromise the fuel saving capabilities.


Mercedes Vs BMW


Rivals at BMW have recently released two new models in the electric car market in the form of the i-3 and the i-8 and will be hoping to win back some of the market share that has been taken by the successful Nissan Leaf model.


The Nissan Leaf has been the market leading model in the electric car market for the past 2 years and another of manufacturers have been forced to respond to the success of the model with an electrically powered model of their own.


Volkswagen announced that they will be adding an electrically powered Golf and Up! Models to the range, with Audi also set to add an electrically powered A3. Mercedes have also gone down the converting route by offering a new electrically powered B Class model.


The electric car market has doubled in the past 12 months as demand in the UK continues to increase along with the use of the Government grant. Manufacturers such as Mercedes have therefore been forced to respond as more and more manufacturers look to develop their own electrically powered vehicles.