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Mercedes SLC - BMW 6 Series 2016 - Maserati Gran Turismo


Earlier on in the year, Mercedes Benz announced that they would bringing a new range of vehicles to the table in a strategy of renaming their range and introducing some new changes including mechanical updates to their vehicle line up. Today one of the very first models to be introduced to this range the SLC has been spied testing on public roads for the first time.


The car will become available here in the United Kingdom and across other countries world wide from next year. Ideally these models will be revised versions of the SLK and already the first new model is looking pretty special. Features to the design are visibly seen from the images taken which show a revised set of bumpers on the car aswell as LED daytime running lights and some brand new alloy wheels for the SLC. Changes to the technical specifications of the car are being kept quiet for now but the addition of a two litre engine,fully turbocharged is to come along with the car is expected to be announced. The auto show from Detroit next January will reserve a place for the first displaying of the car which will also go on sale later on the same year.


A revised BMW 6 Series destined for Detroit

We are just over a month away from the annual Detroit motor show from America and already the event is hotting up with some big vehicle reveals expected. One of the companies that will be represented at the event is German company BMW. They have today confirmed that their brand new revised version of the 6 Series will go on display from the event this January. After four years of availability on the market, BMW have decided that now is the time for a revision to one of their most popular selling vehicles.


Some new changes brought into play with the motor include a new infotainment system and a touch infotainment screen has also been placed inside of the car. BMW have also confirmed that the current engine line up that exists in the 6 Series will be carried over. No price confirmation has been brought into play for the revised model as of yet or the exact launch date but we expect all of this to be announced from the big revealing in January.


The Maserati Gran Turismo 2017

There has been some speculation over the past weeks that the GranCabrio from Maserati may be replaced by the new Gran Turismo model in three years time but the firm have today confirmed that this is not the case due to the fact that the new Gran Turismo will be a smaller vehicle and will only be offered in a Coupe form. The standard Gran Turismo is however the car that will be replaced. The void which will be left by the standard model is expected to be filled by the new Alfieri Spider model set for sale at the end of 2017.


Virtually no specifications have been confirmed for the vehicle as of yet with production nearly three years away. The firm have stated though that the vehicle will be reasonably smaller rather than growing in size. We look forward to early 2017 which is when we expect more information to be revealed on the car. A launch towards the end of 2017 is expected for the car.