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Mercedes C300 Hybrid


Mercedes have announced that the all new C300 Hybrid model will be released in the UK in the next number of months. The new Hybrid offering from Mercedes is rumoured to be the German mass market manufacturer's response to the success of the electrical additions over at rivals BMW.


Mercedes have without a doubt always had a good chemistry with their customers and we think this is mainly due to the good all round models they continuously produce that combine the perfect attributes of performance and luxury and we believe that this all new addition to the Mercedes range will certainly be no exception and could even potentially go on to be one of the best selling cars in the companies history.


Mercedes C300 Hybrid Performance


What is it about this all new C300 model that we believe could help boost sales figures hugely for the company and what is it about the C300 that makes it stand out? Well firstly the company bosses have officially confirmed that with the purchase of an all new C300 model you can expect to receive a 2.1 litre, turbo diesel engine that will work alongside an all new electric motor.


The engine will overall produce power of 201 brake horse power and we see the electric motor giving out at 27 brake horse power. With this being said, we see the car make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of around 6.4 seconds. Overall the vehicle will put out top speeds of around 150 miles per hour. The model will only be available in a rear wheel drive format but, we will also see the welcome addition of seven speed automatic transmission system too.


In regards to some of the more key features and what we believe will very well go on to be some of the key selling points for the car overall, we see these come in the shape and form of a large sloping bonnet that could be very beneficial for the vehicle in regards to agility and performance and we also see the model come in a base colour of white although, we do expect the model to be made available in a range of different colours at the official launch date. So with this in mind we do believe that, this model will make for a great rival for similar styled vehicles from the likes of Audi, BMW and Porsche.


When can you expect to see the Mercedes C300 Hybrid?

Mercedes are expected to release the new model in June of this year and you can expect to make the purchase on your brand new Mercedes C300 Hybrid for a purchase price of somewhere in the region of £36,000.