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Mercedes ML 63 AMG


In some of the latest breaking news today to make it's way out of the German car manufacturing company known as Mercedes, we are pleased to report on one of the upcoming vehicle launches for the mass manufacturer which has recently been spotted testing on the road and makes it's way to you in the shape and form of the ML 63 AMG Coupe model.


Mercedes have proven their desire over the years to produce the perfect all round vehicle that consists of both power and comfort combined and we believe that with this all new ML 63 AMG model what you see is what you get. So what do we know so far at this stage in time?


The key selling points and features of the Mercedes ML 63 AMG Coupe


What has gone into this particular model during production time to help it stand out as one of the front runners on the market and why should you choose this model over anything similar on offer around the world from rival brands including the likes of Audi, BMW and Porsche? Well firstly from the testing phase of this car we believe that this model comes along with a 5.5 litre V8 engine that will produce somewhere around the 518 brake horsepower area with also comes along with a seven speed automatic transmission system too.


Some other noticeable features picked up on from the screenshots also show the inclusions of,an all new tail gate spoiler, drilled brake rotators, AMG spec calipers and alloy wheels also come thrown in as part of the package too. So with that in mind we do believe that this car could very well have the potential to be one of the finest additions to the Mercedes range yet and we could certainly see this vehicle make a name for itself in the future.


When is the expected launch of the Mercedes ML 63 AMG Coupe?


Sadly at this point in time, nothing has been confirmed as of yet regarding a price tag that will come along with this model or an exact launch date however, the car is expected to be made available from your closest Mercedes dealership from sometime throughout 2015.