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Mis-Fuel Insurance is no longer available at Shortfall!


The following information has been provided to inform website users of the product and help you make an informed decision on whether the product can benefit you. At Shortfall we pride ourselves on customer service and whilst we no longer offer the product, we believe in providing you with the information to make the decision yourself. The information on this page was linked with a UK General on behalf of Ageas policy that was previously provided by Shortfall.


If you have purchased a Shortfall Mis-Fuel Insurance policy prior to the 1st August 2014, your policy will still be live and in place and the information on this page applies to your policy.

Why should you buy Mis-Fuelling Insurance?


It may sound like something that could never happen to you but you may be wrong.


According to a recent report in the Telegraph miss fuelling vehicles costs the British public £150 million pounds every year.


Did you know that someone puts diesel into a petrol car or petrol not a diesel car every one minute and fifty five seconds.


This means that there are an estimated 300,000 vehicles a year affected.


So we hope that you will appreciate that in todays modern fast passed times that we all live in a monetary lapse of concentration can happen to us all.


It is more common to miss fuel a diesel vehicle as a unleaded fuel nozzle is smaller, it can be a lot easier than you think. Different garages colour code the nozzles in different colours which all add to the fact that miss fuelling is on the increase and has in fact doubled in the last 10 years.


Please note that to help keep costs as low as possible and to stop fraudulent claims our policies will have a 48 hour exclusion period. This means that when you buy a policy you will not be able to make a claim until the 48 hour exclusion period has elapsed.


What can Mis-fuel Insurance do for you?


Putting the wrong fuel into a vehicle is both gut wrenching and expensive. First the realisation that you have just put the wrong fuel in. Secondly the cost of having to pay for fuel you know will have to be wasted and disposed of, then the cost implications of the drainage and cleaning of your vehicle. 


Draining, disposing of old fuel and then the cost of the correct type of fuel can be hundreds of pounds. Please also remember that in most cases you warranty or brake down cover will not be able to help you as this is normally not covered.


This is exactly where mis-fueling insurance can help.


If you have filled your car with the wrong fuel, we will arrange for a road side specialist to attempt to drain and remove the contaminated fuel.  


They will clean the tank and associated parts affected being mis-fueled.


If this is not possible we will arrange to take you and your vehicle ( with caravan or trailer ) and up to six passengers to an authorised repairer.


We will pay for £10.00 worth of the type of fuel so at least your tank will not be empty.


We will also pay for any repairs up to a maximum of £500.00.

However as genuinely good as insurers are their field of expertise is in the world of insurance and not in road side assistance. 


This means that they have appointed National Breakdown to help look after the claims and call out services.


National Breakdown began as a tangible alternative to some of the Uk's largest breakdown companies and was in fact the first breakdown company to offer an online system to quote and buy brakedown cover. Over the years National Brakedown have grown and grown and yet still hold true to their company philosophy. In fact there are many synergies between the two companies with both National Brakedown and Aequitas Automotive Limited in that just like us they concentrate on competitive prices and yet honest reliable cover and no dilution of levels of service.