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In Car Technology Faults


A recent automotive publication has highlighted that a number of the worlds top manufacturers have been repeat offenders for electrical faults in car. In particular luxury manufacturers such as Bentley and Porsche have been highlighted as being the main offenders.


However, above the Porsche and Bentley brands was the mass market manufacturer, Renault. The survey analysed a wide range of manufacturers to see who was the most and least reliable manufacturers for electrical technology in cars.


It is more than surprising that the Renault brand featured so high up in the list of manufacturers as the alliance between themselves and Nissan has seen the latter build up a strong reputation based on technology and reliability.


The Nissan brand has recently announced a deal with Google to feature the latest Google send to car technology which is based on the Google maps software. The technology will allow the motorist to plan their route whilst in the comforts of their own home before directly transferring the route by the click of a button to the car.


The technology was recently featured on a television advert which used the Nissan Juke to highlight the technology.


Within the research, manufacturers such as Saab, MG, Audi, Citroen, Seat and BMW all had a percentage of over 25% of electrical failures each year. In complete contrast the Honda, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen models all had models which had absolutely no faults recorded against a model within the range.


In car electrical technology is always advancing with a number of manufacturers announcing updates to technology along with new features. Most recently, Vauxhall have announced that they have had the components to offer in car internet for a number of years and have recently developed the missing components to offer such a technology.


At Volkswagen they pride themselves on technological developments and last years car of the year model was described as being as big a technological development as the smart phone.