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New Toyota Yaris


Toyota have officially revealed the latest face lifted Yaris model. The Yaris model has been amongst the most successful models under the Toyota badge and is ready to continue to support last years best selling car manufacturer.


The new look Yaris model has taken on the look of the next generation Aygo model which has already achieved a high rating of design quality upon its release earlier this year. The Toyota brand insist that both the Aygo and the Yaris models are models based on the younger car market and expect to continue to dominate the small car market alongside the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 108.


Toyota insist that the update to the Yaris model has been quite a detailed and large job. The Japanese mass market manufacturer has announced that over one thousand new parts have been placed on the updated model.


The new look Yaris will have more of a rigid body structure along with a complete re-design of the rear suspension. The Yaris model was part of mass recall in the UK just 12 months ago after a number of issues regarding the brakes came to light.


Toyota returned to the top of the worlds car market last year after outselling US manufacturers General Motors and the Volkswagen Group. However, the firm had been away from the top spot since 2009.


Since that year the Toyota brand has faced a number of issues including the mass market recall of over 10 million models. However, it is expected that the brand may just miss out on the top spot this year with Volkswagen favourites to reach the top.


The newly updated Yaris will have the existing engine range at its disposal and motorists will have the choice of the 1.33 litre petrol and the 1.4 litre diesel engine. It is believed that Toyota may also offer the smaller 1.0 litre engine that is currently on offer in the Aygo model.


We have seen over the past 12 months, Ford dominate in the UK car market thanks to the low emissions and high fuel economy rating, 1.0 litre engine. Vauxhall have since followed in the US brands footsteps with Toyota expected to do the same.