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The demise of the Nissan Leaf?


The Nissan Leaf has been on a hot streak of success for the past 24 months as sales in the electric car market continue to increase. However, is the model set to take a turn for the worst and go down a similar route to that of the Toyota Prius Hybrid.


In the past decade the Toyota Prius Hybrid model has held the title of being the green car and the most fuel efficient car on the market, however, the model has struggled to keep demand. This time round it is a bit different for the Nissan Leaf model as a number of manufacturers develop models to rival the success of the Nissan Leaf.


On the other hand, there is more of a worry that the Nissan Leaf may disappear into the background following the arrival of a number of manufacturers electrically powered models. BMW have been the biggest manufacturer to join the electric car market as of late having released a model later last year.


Other manufacturers such as Volkswagen an Audi are set to be releasing electrical hybrid models which may affect the success of the Nissan Leaf model in the future. BMW are also set to be developing an electrically powered Mini model which will be a direct rival for the Leaf.


The UK's leading manufacturer Ford have also declared fans to reveal an electrical version of the Ford Focus model to be released. As of yet Ford rivals Vauxhall are yet to reveal plans of an electrically powered model, although rumours are circling over the Vauxhall brand teaming up with the electrical specialist, Tesla.


Mercedes are also set to go down the route of developing a hybrid variant of an already existing model. The premium brand have revealed plans to build a new B class model which will up against the likes of the electrically powered Volkswagen Golf in the coming months.