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Today here at Shortfall, we are very excited for the arrival of the Paris motor show next week. The Paris motor show has always been one of the years biggest times for the automotive industry as we see some brand new vehicles and next generation of vehicles from various manufacturers represented. This year is no different and could certainly prove to be one of the biggest years for the show of all time. There are many manufacturers represented next week from city car brands like Renault and Ford right up to sports manufactures like Jaguar and Lexus. Today though we are taking a look into a slightly different side of the vehicle industry which comes from concept machines. A concept vehicle is a car that is not confirmed to go on sale and is pretty much a design idea in the early stages of the cars life span. Some vehicles are received well by the general public and more often than not tend to be the cars that actually do go into production. Today we have constructed a list of five of the most anticipated concept vehicles which have all been confirmed to be shown at the Paris motor show and we see many different variations of cars to go on show here. So what are the most anticipated concepts heading into Paris this year ?.


The five concepts we cant wait to see


  1. The Peugeot Exalt

The first concept machine to make it into our countdown was first announced earlier on into this month and comes to us courtesy of the French car firm Peugeot who have brought us some great additions over the years such as the 5008 and the 306. The concept idea that was revealed comes to you in the shape and form of the Exalt. The Bejing motor show earlier on this year was when the car was first revealed to the general public but next week from Paris shows us how the European version of the car will look. The Peugeot brand have officially confirmed some details as to what it is that will go into the car if the Exalt is to make the production line. We can expect from the power and performance side of things, the addition of a 1.6 litre,four cylinder petrol unit which will see a power deliverance of 266bhp. An electric motor has also been confirmed to run alongside the engine which will put out 89bhp. It has been confirmed that three driving models will also find a place in the Exalt which consist of electric only, petrol only and the use of both the engine and the motor simultaneously. Images of what the car will look like have been revealed and for the interior we see a cockpit like layout with a flat bottomed steering wheel also finding a place of pride. A wood finish is also included for the interior cabin of the Exalt. Two screens have been confirmed to be inserted into the dashboard of the vehicle, one will demonstrate a sat nav system where as the second will allow the driver to use controls through it such as automatic air conditioning. There is currently no word as of yet as to when the car will go on sale if it is to see the production line and how much it would be expected to cost.


4.The Peugeot Quartz

The Peugeot brand return once more here and the second concept that the brand are hoping to steal the show with is the addition of the Quartz model. The Quartz is set to be a hybrid SUV model that has been designed thanks to challenge that has been put out by the French government which involves putting on sale a production car which returns just 141mpg on sale by the year 2020. The French company quickly responded to the challenge with the Quartz as did other brands like Citroen with a C4 Cactus variant and Renault with the Eolab which we will get into a little later. The Quartz was announced just last week and is set to be a top contending rival locking horns with the likes of the Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X4 if it is set to go on sale. As we stated the car will come in the manner of a hybrid vehicle and will receive two electric motors and a 1.6 litre,turbo engine. Both the front and rear axle of the car receive the electric motors in place and each will see power delivered from 114 bhp equalling out at 228 in total. The engine delivers on even more though as we see 266 brake horse power as the final result. It has been confirmed that from a full charge on the car and using electricity alone, the Quartz can be expected to travel for around thirty miles before needing a recharge. It has been confirmed that cameras will be located at both the front and rear end of the machine which will be linked up to the vehicles sat nav system and will alter the suspension setup for the road you are travelling down. It is highly expected that this new Quartz concept vehicle will go on sale and is expected to be made available around the time of 2016. You can also expect a purchase price on the car of around £18,000.


  1. The Renault Eolab concept

Reaching the top three positions today and coming in strong is Renault's response to the French 141 mpg challenge and its being marketed under the name of the Eolab concept. The Eolab has been revealed by the brand and has some brand new advancements in technology that will be well studied at the Paris motor show as the company are putting two demonstrations of the car up next week with one of these being for study purposes. A 1.0 litre,three cylinder petrol engine that develops 74 brake horse power has been confirmed to be fitted into the Eolab and is the same engine that can currently be found in the brands current Twingo model. A hybrid drive train has also been confirmed for the Eolab which sees the car hit 75 miles per hour as a top speed limitation running on electric alone. A full charge range of 37 miles have also been confirmed for the Renault brands new concept idea. The manufacture claim that the car can achieve 282mpg and lightweight materials have also been used which help the car out when it comes to producing a lightweight driving experience and better aero dynamics and agility. Some of the materials that are fitted to the Eolab include magnesium,plastic,aluminium and steel. An interesting feature to point out here is the inclusion of a three speed,clutchless transmission system. It has also been confirmed that two different driving modes will also be made available with the car which include zero emission mode and a hybrid focused mode. Prices and an expected launch date for the car if it is to be produced are unknown at this moment in time but there is a chance that we may find out more next week in Paris.


2.The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept-S

The Mitsubishi company are also displaying one of their own concept ideas next week and this concept was only announced yesterday but has already got some long time fans interested in the product. The Outlander is one of the finest ranges that Mitsubishi have on offer right now and this all new addition makes its way to us in the shape and form of the PHEV Concept-S. It is unknown whether this is going to be a new vehicle addition entirely or just an added performance upgrade for the current Outlander PHEV. Images of the idea have however been revealed which show both the interior of the vehicle and the design layout. Changes can also be found in the model with the engine range carrying over from the current Outlander PHEV which is a 2.0 litre,four cylinder petrol unit which will also be joined by two electric motors. A power deliverance of around 204bhp is expected from the car which will result in top speed limitations coming in over the 100 miles per hour area. With this in mind, it is expected that the PHEV Concept-S will take around the eleven second mark to hit 62 miles per hour from a standing start. The interior is just as impressive though as the images shown display a fully leather Red interior and wood trims in the door panels. The dashboard and doors are lowered compared to that of the previous addition to the line up and a brand new centre console will also find its way into the car. A chrome trim can be expected for the interior of the car as can be the warmly received additions of revamped tail lights and a set of alloy wheels. Expect to find out more about this vehicle and releasing and pricing next week.


1.DS3 and DS3 Cabrio concepts from Citroen

In our opinion one of the most anticipated cars from the concept side of things for the Paris motor show next week comes to us courtesy of the Citroen company who have confirmed their brand new DS3 and DS3 Cabrio concept ideas. Both concept models are all set to receive new updates to both the interior and the exterior of the car but is uncertain as to whether the vehicles will receive new engine units or not. Regarding some of those changes that have been confirmed to be located on the outside of the car, we see new satin paint finishes for the DS3 which will come in Blue with a Black roof and and the Cabrio will receive a blue fabric roof and a black body design. A blue leather interior has been confirmed for the new concept designs and from an image that was revealed, we see a red dashboard which is very eye catching. Both the DS3 and the Cabrio concept designs are set to receive 17 inch diamond cut alloy wheels and Red wing mirrors. There is no word from the manufacturer as of yet as to whether the car will officially make it into production or not and the same goes for a price to joint the two cars. Expect to find out more at the motor show next week.


Will these concept ideas bring the most attention to the Paris motor show ?


The five vehicles we have listed above are certainly some of the most hyped and anticipated models to go on display next week and providing the cars are to make the production line in the future, we believe that they could have a great positive affect on the car industry in design,power and technological advancement. The big question as with any concept idea though is to just how well the general public will react to the cars when they are to be revealed in Paris next week?.