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Peugeot 108 to enter the UK in July


The Peugeot 108 model is to be built alongside the likes of the Citroen C1 and the Toyota Aygo. However, each of the three manufacturers will supply the engine amongst other features. The French manufacturer are set to fit a new range of three cylinder engines that have been built to be ultra efficient.


The new 108 hatchback model will weigh around the 840kg mark and will be 1.6 mitres wide and 3.47 metres long. Like the previous 108 model, the hatchback will come in both the three door and the five door forms. It is also believed that the Peugeot 108 model will be releasing a new convertible version of the model in the near future.


The convertible version of the 108 model is thought to be offered at a £1,000 more than the standard model and will come with a number of features.


The new trio of models have 10 years under their built for the first generation of models and aim for the same on the second generation of models. The new 108 model at Peugeot will aim to offer the motorist an upmarket and up to date technology wise model.


The trio of models offer some of the best leasing deals on the market today and it is believed that when the new trio of models enter the market they will once again take a firm hold on the market.


It has been revealed that the Toyota Aygo model has been designed and built with the youth in mind. The new paintwork and v styling on the model has been the Japanese manufacturers attempts to make the model stand out from the crowd and help the brand achieve sales. Peugeot themselves have also strung up a number of stand out paint jobs including the striking pink paint on the model shown at the Geneva Motor Show this week.