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Peugeot Exalt Concept


Peugeot unleashed the sleek new Exalt concept vehicle last week at the Beijing Motor Show 2014 and has given the public a short glimpse into the brand's vision for it's future models. The striking coupe made it's official debut at the Annual Motor Show and allegedly could even make it to production as a saloon for China only.


Despite the concept's svelte styling of a coupe, the Exalt model has been dubbed by Peugeot as a five door model. This Concept is picking up where the Peugeot Onyx concept left last year, with a long bonnet, chiselled panels and short rear overhangs. The rear quarter of the concept has been trimmed in a material inspired by shark skin, whilst the bare steel bodywork has been hand formed by a master panel beater.


Peugeot styling cues of the modern day can be found in the front grille and headlamps of the concept, with the Exalt giving an idea of the path that the future production vehicles of the company will be taking, in terms of both technology and design.


The Peugeot Exalt uses a development of the interior layout i-Cockpit, which was first seen in the Peugeot 308 hatchback. The small wheel is trimmed in china, a wool based mixed fabric and leather, with a digital instrument panel being placed above it. Basalt fibre replaces Lightweight Carbon fibre and can be found on the dashboard, door cards and parts of the seats.


The centre console stretches through the middle of the vehicle, with two touch screens that fold, coming from the dashboard. The upper screen is for access to the on board computer and navigation systems, whilst the second has controls for the surface purifying Pure Blue system, along with the automatic air conditioning.


Another part of the future of Peugeot, is the Hybrid 4 next generation power train, which has been fitted to the Exalt model. It develops a total of 335 brake horsepower, though the combination of a 1.6 litre petrol four cylinder engine that produces 266 brake horsepower and an electric motor that is mounted on the rear axle, which produces 89 brake horsepower. The system can also adapt to particular driver inputs by switching from petrol only, petrol electric hybrid and pure electric.