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In some of the latest breaking car industry news, the sports car brand Porsche have officially confirmed the arrival of a brand new GTS version of their popular 911 Carrera model. The vehicle has been officially confirmed and in even more exciting news today, order books for the car are officially open right now.


The GTS range from the Porsche brand focuses on much more power orientated variations of popular Porsche models. So far in the GTS line up, we have seen the additions of a the Cayman and the Boxster. There are some new features which have been included technology and feature wise and the well loved 911 Carrera engine also receives some fine tuning which sees power increase compared to that of its predecessor.


Just how different is the GTS compared to the standard Carrera?

There are some changes that are brought into play with the exterior of the car and how the car looks overall. We see that for the GTS version of the Carrera, Porsche have equipped the car with a set of 20 inch alloy wheels,a larger real spoiler, chrome exhausts in a Black colour scheme,a brand new GTS badge and a wider body structure. A brand new set of Bi Xenon headlights and a re designed front grille is also included. As standard, the engine unit carries over from the previous Carrera model which sees the installation of a 3.8 litre,flat six unit which now sees power increases of 30 brake horse power compared to that of the Carrera  S meaning now we see a total of 430 developed from the GTS. A PDK twin clutch automatic transmission system can also be found in the car which means a top speed limitation of 186mph now comes into play.


The interior of the car also receives those great features and comfort aspects that you can expect to be found in the 911. The only difference is that this time around, the Porsche brand have included the fittings of leather sports seating, a built in sat nav system and a brand new Alcantara trim can also be found inside the car.


What is the price range for the Carrera GTS?

There are a total of four GTS 911 variants on the road and prices differ varying on which model you decide to spend your money on. If you opt for the Coupe version of the GTS you can expect to pay out a total of £91,098 with the Cabriolet on sale for £99,602. A four wheel drive variant of the Carrera GTS is also on offer which adds an extra 4,782 on top of the original purchase price. We are also delighted to make you aware of the good news that you can order your new Carrera GTS right now from Porsche showrooms all around the country.