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New Rolls Royce Phantom


Rolls-Royce has recently unleashed a special edition Phantom Drop head Coupe-based, which has been created to celebrate the water speed world record of the 1930's that was set by Sir Malcolm Campbell.


The model was previewed in a variety of sketches earlier on this year, it is called the Water speed Collection and will have only a 35 model production run.


The Rolls Royce brand may seem a long way off the glory days that have gone by, but, it is believed that the brand is set for a dramatic re-styling that will push the brand to rival the likes of Bentley and Jaguar in the UK car market.


The model is personalised with a range of bespoke engineering features and styling, which pays tribute to the Bluebird Boats, used in the attempts for the water speed record. Due to the added exclusivity, the car is on sale now for £435,000, which is a significant amount more than the standard car £82,000 to be exact, all but two have been sold.


The model is finished in Maggiore Blue, which is a reference to where the 1937 record breaking run took place and for the first time in a Rolls-Royce, the new Phantom model sees the paint scheme extend right to the engine bay. The finish of electric blue has also been integrated into the unique eleven spoke alloy wheels of the car, which gives a contrasting effect.


On the interior, the brand has added even further Maggiore Blue details, using accents to create a distinctive two tone dashboard and steering wheel. Leather in Windchill Grey is used throughout the inside and borders the decking in brushed steel which replaces the traditional finish of teak.


Abachi wood also features on the interior for the first time in a Rolls Royce model, the wood has been cut at an angle in order to echo the wake that is left by a boat that is moving at speed.


Underlining the water speed connections both on the interior and outside are Bluebird motifs that have been handcrafted, including an engraving on the armrest of the door and an imprint on the exterior by the master coach line painter of the company.


As well as this, as with the Aviator collection that was unleashed in 2012, the interior of the glovebox has been used to emphasise the historical connections of the brand, with a panel that has been hand embroidered that details the record that was achieved by Campbell over the three years.


Powering the model will be the same 6.75 litre V12 engine that is featured in the standard drop head Coupe model, which offers 453 brake horsepower and 720 newton metres of torque. This should see the model hit 0-62 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds and have a top speed of 149 miles per hour.