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Run flat tyres are forever growing in popularity as more and more premium manufacturers such as BMW continue to promote the ability of the run flat tyre. If you are still in the dark on what a run flat tyre is, a run flat tyre is a tyre that has the ability to stay inflated for a short while when the tyre has suffered a puncture.


During the manufacturing process, the side walls on the run flat tyre are built up and made stronger than the side walls on a standard tyre. This strength in the side walls of the tyre allow the tyre to stay inflated for longer and give you the ability to carry on to the nearest garage or stop point to change the tyre.


However, the only issue so far with a run flat tyre is that they are pretty much unrepairable. Once the run flat tyre has been punctured you will then have to replace the tyre at your own expense rather than pay the less expensive cost of repairing the tyre.

Run Flat Tyres on a Wheel

How can Run Flat Tyre Insurance help you?


This is where Run Flat Tyre Insurance at Shortfall can help you. If you are on the road a considerable amount and expect to have a number of punctures over the course of a 12-36 month period then you may wish to consider Run Flat Tyre Insurance.


With a Run Flat Tyre Insurance policy at Shortfall, you will have the ability to make as many as 3 claims per year and therefore a total of 9 claims over a three year term. Your Tyre Insurance policy at Shortfall will pay up to the maximum of £300 to replace your run flat tyre. Each tyre that has to be replaced is counted as a claim on the policy.


In order to work out whether or not a Run Flat Tyre Insurance policy is value for money, we advise you to carry out a little bit of research into the replacement cost of a run flat tyre for yourself and to consider how many times you expect to have a puncture in the next three years. The cost of a run flat tyre can range anywhere from £100 up to £300 and in some rare cases, even more. When considering the cost of a replacement tyre, specialist tyre retailers such as the likes of Halfords Autocentre and Kwik Fit for example, would have the ability to provide the tyre at a much better price than that through a dealership or non specialist supplier.


With Tyre Insurance at, in order to purchase a policy you must fit the qualifying requirements. Unfortunately, if you have had your car for over 30 days, you are unable to purchase a policy. If you haven't purchased your car from a VAT Registered Garage or Main Dealership, again you are unable to purchase a policy. Other eligibility requirements do apply, to find out whether or not you can purchase a policy, click to obtain a quotation and answer the questions honestly.


A Tyre Insurance policy purchased after 01/03/2017 will give you the ability to make 3 claims per year as well as you not having to pay any excess when making a claim. Working very closely with the underwriting insurers, we have managed to increase the number of claims allowed from 5 over a three year term to 9 over a three year term, but it is limited to a maximum of 3 per 12 month period. Run Flat Tyre Insurance policies purchased before 01/03/2017 will be limited to a maximum of 5 claims and subject to a £10 excess per claim.


If you wish to purchase a policy or further your understanding of the policy and how it may help you, click for a quotation or call one of our award winning customer service team on 0800 195 4926 or 0151 647 7556 and any member of the team will be more than happy to help.

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